Make Valentine’s Day love color dye yourself


c_nLove is the most likeable and komalatamaya feeling. Sandhanabhalobasara love of literature and art and culture is everywhere, not to be any more specific definition today. February 14 Valentine’s Day or throughout the whole period is only through the eyes of love ksanabhalobasara will be taken on Monday janyaiara only love, you’ll surely be your favorite man can not turn your eyes from. Valentine’s Day is just a handful a few days left. So, everybody is traveling with a loved one’s gift will go or who have been planning. There are only worried about his own dress-up or makeup. To help you in this effort so little.

Clothing Elections

Keep this in mind when you plan your day to dress for the day guloyadi First available if the plan must give priority to the casual robes. If you are planning to go at night for romantic dinner can wear a sari. Chiffon saris, silk, or more than half, if you’d like silk. However, you need to pick your look, in keeping with the development and recent weather. Gorgeous sunshine, mild winters, and the arrival of spring, love and above all keeping the matt paints would be better avoided. Love the colors are very nice way to decorate yourself. Many people think that the color of love lalake. So to say that Valentine’s Day is just lalei will remain stuck in, and love for the bright ranao perfect for this time period. Like the blue, light pink, white, light purple, bright yellow, you can wear. If you prefer red list can certainly wear red. However, the combination of red and wear with everything else will become red.

Beige mekapah

First base makeup sunscreen lotion applied to the face for 5-10 minutes before the daytime wait. When dry facial sunscreen lotion makeup base and foundation to begin yaberatera single base makeup BB cream for daytime or tinteda mayescaraijara laganaerapara the phase Brush a small amount of spots on the face of the city kansilara brush or sponge using the down turn Depp. Sometimes in the face of makeup base makeup setting spray or throw water on the face of it, like the way you can sit makeup base. After a while, especially in the T-zone of your face with a loose powder brush, powder or powder phase solid foundation for ninaratera until after the kantora and highlighting. Part of the hair line to the apples from the pitch or pink colored blasana day.

Eye mekapah

At the start of the eye makeup makeup base. Valentine’s Day at mekaape eye makeup to be able to take precedence over the eyes because of love with the language is understood. Eye Primer take it a little at first accelerates. Use eye garb Black, brown, golden, pink, copper, golden brown, reddish-golden color, eye shadow and so on. The thick eye makeup, apply and apply mascara, eye paparite. I can wear at night mekape an eyelash. Dramatic If you take more than your eyes.

Hair stailah

A lot depends on the structure look nice hair style, hair style, not all anuyayisabaike convince. No hair once you’ve tried the day before the event to agree to stailatite.

If you wear a sari sari khompatai better to take the hair. Khompayao hand out the bun can bring a little different, you can tri Fency the bun.
If you prefer to keep open the hair blow die, you can leave the hair iron or a spiral roll.
With the curly hair curler, the hair back to the light puffs and whatever part my hair in front Curley Keep away from the sides.
If you do not have to twist the curls of hair style that you can customize.
Eneo hair hanging from the side (twist), the hair can keep open. Twist the front of the part can get stuck in small flower.

There is a little heavy when wearing gold jewelry. Western dress but try to wear something light. The verdict is reached with the heavy stones dekhayakane saloyarera stole jewelry can take the stone, pearl or diamond earrings, you can choose for the neck bead, stone, Perls jewelry or beads are a bit modern. One can take the stylish bracelets.

I hope this time around Valentine’s Day by day, the diner will not be any problem to getaapa. Valentine’s Day, good luck to everyone.


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