Slim did not mean to traditional attire


Slim did not mean to traditional attireSometimes it is a matter that we do not exercise or do I avoid food choices (which are in most cases telebhaja high calorie snacks or sweets) are found in the figure does not fit the doll.

Naturally, the one with the beautiful women of our sub-culture and civilization much more rich. But when you still have some time to think to himself why so many beautiful traditional getape not manacche me? Why not look a bit slim? Since writing this article I thought to solve this problem.

Indian subcontinent traditional attire drepasa many layers and being well integrated in the normal way, or a lot of fat in the body and hide it in a beautiful part of the sort of support role. Here are some tips to talk about today, how do you know which are the traditional dress according to your body type and fit in pretty basic, and it will present itself.

Remember that you are beginning to understand your body type. Which part of you that you want to hide. Kothaye more fat accumulation and the kind of clothing that fits you best.
At the top of your body such as the hands, more than the accumulation of fat galaye sato however, is part of the eight who do not wear the clothes. Very tight as to cut blouse or sleeveless blouse. In this case, try to wear short sleeve blouse neck a little longer for it to be able to cover your shoulders and hand fat. Go glittering silk or velvet blouse. The same note shirt.
Nowadays I know much of the country’s Anarkali has been ghera, but remember that many of these pieces were phril ghera and shape your figure can change. And our country is shorter than women to put on a dress. Choose the brush with the exception of low-gherera anarakali lainera. Bold and minimize the swelling would not you like Anarkali.
Please see the difference between the two.

  Cut Anarkali Anarkali phrili streita

If the upper part of the body than fat phrila neck, purl Avoid. The part of the eye is not easy.
On the opposite side of the little I saw, the more body fat at the same bristly their morning. You try to wear trousers cut curidara or streita and Patiala or Kabuli Avoid trousers.
Patiala pajama trousers cut streita

If your food is heavy, that covered the length of the Thai wear one shirt.
Keep in mind that your shirt with a long shirt to wear on the outside does not spread like frock. The lower part will be heavier to wear this kind of shirt.
Please try sari, blouse or shirt, Salwa, and the veil of the same color. The more you take the long and slim. Share a lot of different color into your body that you will feel less welcome. If you want to be a victim of your own height, but Slim did not mean much to create the Illusion, which is one of the colored cloth. But if you want to contrast to contrast with the color of the same color family.
 You can also print your body because of the small print to highlight the problem area. No matter how good willy large floral prints, keep it up.
Small to large heavy material

Girls are more likely to deposit fat around the waist of our region, so why not wear a shirt over the amount of fabric at the waist or hips do not diphainada. It would seem that the unwanted fat in the abdomen gathered. Create exactly the wardrobe fitting.
The bank or the bank owners slim body wear heavy clothing. Uidatha the bank is not more than one and a half inches.
If you want to wear the stripes gold or kamije choose vertical stripes. It will take you longer and longer as you need to take more slim. Uidatha stripes across your body to increase the Illusion. Therefore involved in any cross-stripes shirt, Salwa or not wear sari.
LOVE gorgeous silk sari? The slim, lightweight silk or crepe sari wear due. Slim small sequin work with many of you will take Lawa.
Eliminate bulky clothing materials. If you want to hide the fat Qattan, benarasi is not for you. Choose light georgette or net. Avoid the swelling Diamonds unfold.
Traditional attire anusangikah

If you try a little heavy body hair sample is always tied high. It is understood that the throat or neck, and face less fat is thin. Phriji hair coloring to the hair and the face of the phriji looks heavier.
But if you seem in traditional attire, Slim heels shoes are your best friend. Traditional clothing is very beautiful high heels. And that is it for you to stay covered Lawa hill is easily understood. And it takes you a long and fit. The same applies to the same shirt.
If the fat is more than a bit long in the neck or throat: Either you stay away from the spherical earrings. Try to wear long earrings.
If you want to wear traditional clothing, Gul follow these tips to keep in mind as well as any lukake could make a lot more garajiyasa pasacara (posture). Keep your spine straight, not bent stand. To avoid this habit. Always try to walk over toward the inside of the stomach, it gets better and better posture. If you do not feel comfortable, rather than something that high heels can wear kit. These are one and a half or two inches tall. The correct spelling of his own body size blouse, tight or loose the extra fat in the back of the shoulders or a bad way to be understood. Stay away from buying ready-made blouse. And always keep in mind that I want to cover parts of the fat you should absolutely not work glitara or soft, it will be before there eyes. I am not a beautiful dress, but the dress that makes you choose a beautiful Liability. The diameter of these few general tips to follow if you become the more garajiyasa, tall and slim.


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