The Secret of Beauty slips


The Secret of Beauty slipsMake yourself beautiful: Either, it does not tell us who? In front of the mirror in the morning got up and went to sleep in the night, everyone loves to see his ceharatake. But bipattita occurs. Swelling of your face up in the morning and see hair coloring and Insurance from the compulsory break. Beauty slips to wake up to a beautiful show. And this is the beauty secrets slip. Then let the sikretaguloi yene.

Room temperature

Beauty slips would be absolutely perfect for the room temperature. None of this should not be too hot or cold. Temperatures will be slightly cooler than the normal or usual. The night air should not be left without consequences.

Smartphone or television

Fresh ceharatake wants to show up on the smartphone or chatting on Facebook will pay off at all. Abhyasatakeo watching television before going to sleep with the need to say goodbye. The bedrooms are well away from the other room can telibhisanatake. The book can be a good friend to have to sleep in the previous period.

At certain times of sleep

Set aside time every day to sleep and remove. It would be easy ghumatao after waking up every day brings fresh ceharatakeo. Into a routine of sleeping time of the day, you’ll understand the difference. If not, look for at least 8 hours of sleep the day with freshness is lost.


Let’s get some sleep before the change of food habits. Do not eat heavy meals before going to bed. At least two hours before a meal can complete the job. Drink fluids before going to sleep a little bit of food. It would be quite good to ghumata. After waking up with the show, looks fresh.

clear skin

Tbakatake a thing before going to bed is very important to completely clean. If you do not feel you have skin problems. After waking up with a dirty look ceharatake. Even acne can be a problem. So at night before going to sleep good face wash with phesaoyasa brands. Makeup remover to clean the skin better. Kajalata eyes will of course fully lifted. If you do not have to be dark under the eyes to see the morning.


Are you surprised? Beauty slips think is the relationship with the pillow cover right? Kabharata not clear if the pillow can be a problem skin. After getting up in the morning with nirjiba tbakatake show. And so it would be clear kabharata pillow. Silky cloth pillow cover, especially when getting up in the morning will be quite warm after hairs.

Additional sound

The atmosphere would be a lonely place to sleep. Nirabili ghumatao deep does the environment. The face looks fresh after waking up in the morning. If the partner is snoring habit, then it becomes the responsibility ghumanoi. Choose a quiet environment for the beauty slips. After getting up in the display, then you pretty bland.


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