Nip in the bud


Nip in the budToday’s children are the future of the nation in the coming days. They are physical-mental health, education, and thinking-consciousness and conception, the rich will be the strength of the nation’s future. But in the context of the overall situation of children is not encouraging. The right to development as a survival strategy for many poor children, to enjoy the standard of living and entertaining, etc. are deprived of many rights. A lot of parents in their children’s risky sexual intercourse are employed. Tokai uprooted themselves once again to the Hospital of children, at risk of being subjected to. In some cases there are different crime. There are laws to protect children from such a situation, the government and the international conventions and commitments, but they are not being fed. Nation leaders, intellectuals, civil society, so we need to pay special attention to this aspect of craftsmanship. It is unfortunate that our country is one of the moral education of the children of so-called intellectuals are ignored. As a result, some of the children whose abnormal behavior is observed.

The street children from age 3 to 18 years. They are nearly 0 million. Most of them become street children as a result of family breakdown and almost all of these children are deprived of education. Many of them are victims of sexual abuse. They are in the streets unsafe conditions. Nearly half of the children in the total population. More than 6 million children in this great part of the street homeless. 53% of the boys and 47% girls. They are not normal. They do not have homes. There are many parents. The large number of children living in the streets, with the various activities involved in the killing itself. Sometimes himself being involved in various criminal activities. Some are drunk. They are being used in various political activities. Child Rights Act has been called the death of a child due to special circumstances, such as parents or a parent to leave the family environment as a result of having lost the father or mother is deprived of the rights of the child, the government will take special measures. The government will take action or, if necessary, alternative employment opportunities will be the responsibility of any organization. But the irony of fate, as the leftovers of our society. Some of them are not bothered. They do not have an account with the census. They do not have any facilities for nationals. Therefore, these children grow up neglected neglect.

Neglect, ignorance, illiteracy and thousands of malnourished children edasera. Kasaghate extreme poverty-stricken families of these children are born in the future. Most of the children are in primary education drop out before the border perunora education. Poor families with parents who are connected to the citizens. What the hotel, restaurant, bakery, grhastera home, children are added to the call at the factory. Rickshaws, carts and picking up the van they were carrying out many of the world. Some cows and goats mounting grhastera go home. Child marriage, superstition from time immemorial retains its hold. Children born to them in the salt ‘s tasks finished panta to malnutrition, neglect and negligence are growing. There are many families who were born exactly when they learned that the family income is put to work for a living.

Many children are humiliated and deprived of society. Physical and psychological violence on children. Girl children are being raped. In countries where children are being trafficked. Large amounts of money are being abducted by the child’s family. It is claimed to have seen a lot of money, but children who can not return to his family. We can not protest. Because we do not have any evidence. Although there is no evidence that the money to be paid. But today, some people are going to drop out before the children of tomorrow, the future of rupees for the animals.

Mamatah’d love for children

Mai every parents want the child to ensure the safety, yet many children son is a victim of fate, a cruel irony. To avoid a situation like the affection, compassion, kindness.

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Our karaniyah

• be physical, emotional, or sexual abuse of children victims of violence of any kind whether the collapse of morale. So, as the baby will bhayamukta, as John will help to increase their stamina and the will to make them self-confidence. Children should be taught that the victims were not in their hands. If you love to cuddle frightening experience for them is to facilitate forgotten. So the children of victims of abuse to come forward first.

• In the richest of the poor in our society. Human society, everyone has the duty and responsibility of everyone to do something. Our people to be vocal. To ensure that the fundamental rights of the child. Chinnamuladera will stand beside. Will give a helping hand. I like that you have the ability to come out with it.

• the children who come to the city looking for work will have to extend to them our support. If you can arrange them in the light of education for the future because we can optimize a fundamental right to education. It does not in any way lead to bad education of children. Children who work at home, we have a little sympathy for them at the side of the house, they can arrange for their studies. In this way we can ensure that at least primary education.

• If there is an area where we can make based on the organization claimed, implementation of the human rights of children to bond. Society as well as poor children, we can work together. Children’s smiles, we can perform a variety of programs. For example, to ensure education, free medical services. The implementation of these programs, we can organize concerts.

• Children should be taught about the consequences of drugs. Kausilim of camping and we can highlight these subjects. Our social and moral responsibility to avoid falling within the many things we often go, but if we can accept each child as part of their own family, then we can go to the aims of ensuring their safety.

So the child victims of abuse and neglect, but as citizens of the country to friends and relatives on the stand and make sure their health. Children are victims of neglect, exploitation and terror anywhere. You can not go without him. And while it would be possible to be able to survive and be able to identify the problem. You need to create yourself and learn more about the problem and how it can help you as much as you need to.


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