Some simple tips to clean


Some simple tips to cleanMany of the lectures the words of cleanliness achenakintu quarter implement them in reality these lectures are very lazy. Today, we can learn how to clean yourself very easily.

Which will make

Use in your everyday clothes stink of sweat accumulation in the crime rakhunaprayojane practical garments per week to clean up your practice.
Cultivate the habit of washing their hands before and after eating well.
After returning from the casual dress changed to remove the clothing as quickly as possible.
To protect from the heat of the sweat odor mansammata body spray or perfume Cultivate the habit of using.
Keep hands, feet, nails and clean as possible. On the other hand the inner part of the nail and nail rakhatake Greetings Folks part of their style.
Karunasaptahe picking up the last time he did not plan to organize all the things in place to build the habit of keeping things in place.
Regular bathing and after returning from the hand, foot and mouth wash to keep the personal paricchannatagulo.
His own garments, such as the cleaning brush towel to take the initiative.
Regular cleaning his room to trash cans.
Look alike furniture, sheets, pillows, curtains and also cleaning bathrumera.

Do not never

Khotan in the nose or ears with his hands did not build the habit of scratching.
Do kamarabena teeth fingernails.
Jamiye dirt in the corner of the room, dirty clothes or not.
Do not write anything in the palm of the hand with a pen.
Food packets of tissues in the room or not, should not be removed or torn paper scattered.


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