Some tips for wise wedding


nadia d. photographyThe wedding season is coming, and now want to talk about something very common wedding day! The lion king of the film was a ‘shit happens! and there’s nothing you can do about it !!! ‘OK, I’ll say, that’s wrong! If you stay away from any kind of disturbance is small.
So I’m asking for your special day, and some tips and tricks, which after a couple of days to think they rakhabenai sajabena the bride, getting married, or someone close to them has never married, they can- not remember for future reference
1. Please, please … kampharatebala wear shoes. Your wedding day is nice if you are not accustomed to that after naramali wear, but you can see the results in your marriage! 3-4 days before the wedding to buy new shoes on his feet and take a little break in. Will be much more comfortable, you can enjoy the special day.
II. His purse, purse or somebody close note of these things, tissue, safety pin, blatim Paper, phesapaudara, hand syanitaijara, spiyaraminata (if you take away the bitter it would work), aspirin (so many words, that dharatei haihullaya head!)
3. He made braidasa wedding day in-your sister, cousin or bandhabira will help you? Braidasa made not just to reach the stage coloring! Keep a trusted person, that you will look at the good and evil. The veil was raised from the water to the right, all the best to help. Anyone who asked him to stay to get rid of a lot of unnecessary trouble.
4. Make sure that any price, the function you are using water-proof eye makeup. (If you do not want to read the emotional distress at the moment), the small-town, why they do not suit the salon, do not in any way excluded waterproof makeup.
5. Mist spray can or a facial. Now that’s hot! Video inside the AC and lights, loud makeup of photography can begin to soften. Mist keep your makeup fresh, round the clock.
6. A ‘point-brick Person “can be. I have noticed, the bride’s wedding day makeup or dress down a little back and forth at the mouth, some people began to smile? Please note that the first one to closely monitor your clothes. Spesalai the bride will walk up and go to another place or centrally. Do not give people a chance to smile on your wedding day!
7. Do not you dare! 3 days before the wedding, do not go to a facial! This is the big mistake that they simply do not skinakeyara. 1 day before the wedding to be beautiful fairy facial, you do not go! Rather suddenly, unaccustomed to so much grease on the skin and acne products to use and how the ryasa that cover the whole day, so no need to worry about.
8. All kinds of facial, waxing, manicure, pedicure and polish to remove 1 week ago. If no reaction time to get it right. 1 day before the wedding to be beautiful, and filled ryase hand, foot mouth of many people choose the change is seen to sit.
9. Many girls do not know it, though, if you want to perfect the wedding day itself, but out very well, a wedding venue, lighting, lighting and how the photographer, the wedding day, the weather will be like, the picture will be when, on the night? Talk to the photographer as well. All the information back to your makeup artist said. Lighting your experienced makeup artists, costume makeup of keeping everything perfect when you need a special day.
10. Of course, of course, makeup primer before use. Primer does not use makeup on the wedding day to keep alive the next day with the pancakes in bed and saw a lot of people to the tumor. He did not want to get married the next day, people were afraid to let your natural look like?
11. Makeup Artist of the day before the wedding to try to speak a little time. If you want to look at what kind of dress I can not explain it took to download pictures from the net. Plan your look together. If you plan the wedding of a sudden, and he did not look like your dream will give you! It is not all the time. So a lot of the Best Makeup Artist from spending money on makeup is no syatisaphayeda. Since your makeup artist ‘Mind Reader’ is not, therefore, as well pasibala Need to Explain to him!
1. Better than anything else nyuda makeup, with our traditional autaphitera nyuda not much makeup. If you need to apply nyuda utterly insipid and lifeless. You can choose shades of mauve or Dusty Rose. Do not take more than the light does not look white again.
13. To take water, food should not be eaten at a stretch! Eat a glass of water every hour. The body will be cold and the discomfort will be less.
14. More thinking, per se, do not worry. If it takes all the panic and tension head will start dropping from the normal way.
15. Finally, keep in mind, this day is for you! Enjoy the whole thing. Talk to everyone, smile and be happy. Memory of a lifetime of joy!


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