Gold wedding


Gold weddingThe woman’s beauty and personality flourishes saritei the most beautiful bride prefer to see the Lawa. Gold ornaments of bright color and pageantry of the wedding party took a different madhurya. In the early days of the gold meant cherry benarasi or Mirpur wife in Qatar. Many cultures touches the sky at jhukechila foreign sarees. But coming back samahimaya adhuna native gold. Many of the big event a lot of people kept domestic gold wedding. But the local Bengali saree tradition and elegance that will enhance the beauty of a young multi-count. The wedding ceremony is panacini thekepanacini (engagement), on the yellow, wedding, wedding-breakfast different color or style of this festival sarees are different groups.


Even before the domestic panacini is happening now. Choose the panacinite light gold. Maybe materials muslin, chiffon, soft silk, georgette crepe. The color may be blue, pink, asphalt, light purple, etc.

On haludah

Yellow on the outside of the fitting cotton sarii. Soft silk or silk cotton half Tangail is well now. And there’s Jamdani. Jamdani cotton Lawa or the bank can take your choice. Look more gorgeous. In addition to the traditional yellow gold, orange, red border, green, henna kacam, light purple is now.


The red color of eyes popped the marriage agree. Choose red, gold wedding so. If you do not absolutely have to wear the red pole, blackberry, dark blue, purple or pink. Choose the most splendid gold wedding day. Experiments did not choose the traditional sari. Maybe benarasi materials, Qatar, tissue or muslin. Beaten gold enamel, heavy work sequence, ayamabrayadari, pearl or gold kundanera can choose to work.


Choose baubhate fashionable, trendy and light-colored gold work. The color may be golden, onion, soft pink, white emaki pitch. Many white people wear now baubhate, emaki marriage. Sifon baubhate’d like, muslin and jamdani light. Choose contrast with the scarf. White whiteness will make you unique.

Sarih understand the structure and the type

– If your skin is a little darker in color or black and gold syamala choose. As blood red, dark blue or pink. Gold or purple onions can adapt to everyone.

– If the level is low, choose a narrow fringe or without fringe gold. If you wear a sari like the height of the wide side.

– If your structure is light, dry, choose heavy gold. Diamonds may be a tissue or muslin and heavy work.

– Choose the heavy frame, dark-colored sari soft materials. Such as chiffon or georgette.

Where the package contains:

Benarasi village of Mirpur arijilana 10 has numerous sari stores. Diamonds and budgets will find here a wide variety of local and foreign. Remember also, dear, light, Kumudini wedding sarees are famous for. Bailey Road neighborhood, there’s drama. Also among boutique shops Aarong, Bibiana, dresidela, mayasira domestic Qattan jamdanis famous for. If you want to go to the budget, like the Indian sari jazzy corrosion, or bhasabite Nabila. The budget is low? Dhanmondi Hawkers market at low prices, good quality gold find. If you do not like a sari shop or a marriage, no individual can choose to create a gold sari with the order. It will take 1-3 months depending on the design and the cost of money 15000-50000. Many rural benarasi sari shops take orders. Fashion House Aarong, mayasira, designer sarees Imdad Haque take orders. It will cost a little more.

Gold daradamah

Benarasi gold 1000025000 money

10000-35000 money -Tilt

500025000 jamadani money

Masalina and tissues of heavy cloth of gold, the money will be 200001 million.

Gold prices may vary depending on the design and shop.

More kathahThe

Biyera many hobbies are reading maybe a lifetime of heavy gold. Then the prisoner box. Choose the latter of which will go to the gold.

Gold is found in many cases with matched scarf or veil to choose Contrast. As a white sari with a red scarf with a blue scarf and red.

Shop around and take a lot of time with someone experienced to Buy Gold. Buying gold on behalf of the interests of the groom and the day of your choice.

Thri-quarter or full Sleeve Blouse hand is now.

Take a look if you’re comfortable sari during the election.

Sarira traditions, abhijatye and Ananya banaliyanaya Become your wedding day.


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