Shyamala skin, makeup tips


Makeup-330x220Nowadays almost all the makeup. However, understanding the make-up of the skin. Many people do not understand the make-up and make-up for the mistakes appear on the skin, and looks good decision. In particular, the skin is a bit more of a problem for them syamala. Today we Shyamala some makeup tips skin care.

1) natural light makeup and kinunah

Do not light up a little bit, but not very bright light. Natural light is your skin anaca-kanaca to understand and be able to properly make-up. The same is true when buying makeup. You can adopt a strategy for. It can take a little side of the make-up, then came out of the store can be seen in the light of the day, whether it is fit for your skin.

Ii) A Shade Foundation nayah

Your skin is not the same everywhere, and just a shade, so the foundation would not be too much of a profit. Shade your skin cope with the worst that can use it as a base. Use a shed little light as the highlight. The skin will be a whole bunch of gorgeous.

3) Bring the tender skin usnatah

Use skin soft and light show in the amber or caramel shade of skin between the Foundation. As the middle of the forehead, the nose, cheeks and chin. Then, using a good mix blasa.

4): The orange color dominates

Coppery orange color is being used now in fashion and adapt it to the skin. Kansilara orange kind, blasa, lipstick, they will be useful. Dark circles under the eyes and the skin color can stain-dye to cover the lily.

5) lip amkunah

Chances are if you own skin color around your lips with a liner to draw the lips before. If your lips are dark orange lipstick, however, is quite long.

6) Can not stop him from drawing dark black eyebrows

With tan skin, not like the pitch-black eyebrows. Start using the brown color of the nose and the edge can also use dark brown. You can use the edge of the eyebrows, and black. The shape of the eyebrows will be very beautiful.

7) the more light nayah

Do not use bhrute black color right, but do not use the light ranao. On the skin will be very awkward. And it seems to be more than your age.

8) to highlight the use simarah

If you are about to use on the skin Shima highlighted. However, it is not reflected in the Make sure the skin on.

9) Skin Care ninah

Eksaphaliyeta skin regularly. Makhabena a sunscreen for skin care. Thus, you may think your skin is tan, and what will happen with sunscreen? But of course, use a sunscreen to protect the skin health.

10) The light-colored make-up of the skin nope

The light-colored make-up of human skin, and do not imitate him. Ayathai make-up do not try to light the color of his skin. Such as fair skin, beautiful, bronzed skin so beautiful. Take yourself to the enhanced beauty, not cover it. What kind of make-up can adapt to your skin, it can experiment with. How does the use of different colored lipstick, you can see them. Above all, his bronzed skin Loves to take enhanced natural beauty.


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