Deepika said that in the context of Neetu


Deepika said that in the context of NeetuBollywood Deepika Padukone and Neetu Singh, there is someone who does not know the chemistry. Deepika-Ranbir from the beginning of the disintegration of the old Rishi Neetu Singh came to discuss the various comments. But never in the context of Neetu kholenati Deepika face. Deepika Padukone’s ex-lover has not heard anything about a good nituke. But along with Deepika remained silent, much less pratittura, but sometimes did not protest. However, the public face of the bar opened Deepika Ranbir’s mother. It was written in the words of the bare-faced on Twitter!

Deepika wrote, “Look, your father does not sound so sweet!”

Deepika could barely hear and the eyes on the forehead!

What has actually happened, the film has sparked recent video post dabasmyasa. Neetu Ga bhasalena the storm! Because of the Ranbir-Deepika joharake ‘tamasachabira nituke songs were seen dancing.

Match the leg Neetu song Deepika photo, then pretend that’s the suit? There was praise for the twitter Deepika Ranbir’s mom!

However, there is a reason behind such praise. Nitui is to normalize relations between the two came out. Neetu noted in an interview a few months ago, the closest to him did not dipikai than Katrina, more choice! At times, the responses gave glory Deepika, this is!


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