Starting today at the International Folk Song Festival


Starting today at the International Folk Song FestivalInternational folk festival, held for the first time is going to sit on. Merrill is dedicated to the three-day international folk festival in 015, on television and in San Events organized at the kingfisher. The festival Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, China, the Republic of Ireland’s most prominent artists of the folk music and serve.

Bhatiyali, Bhawaiya, issued, rank, Baul songs, cherish Sai, Hason Raja, Abbas Uddin, Abdul Alim, Shah Abdul Karim Visitors can listen to music, including folk songs further 4 countries. This festival is known all over the world through our folk of unchecked ratnabhandara. Mayan stone brick town to spread the monochord, dotara the flute melody. 1, 13 and 14 November the three days from 5pm till 1am folk music rooms at the Army Stadium in Dhaka matabe sangitapremira country.

On Thursday, the first day of the festival will serve to organize music Minu Criminology and Pallavi Dance Group, Farida Parvin, Chandana Majumdar and Kiran Chandra Roy, the Sunrise Collective Mukhopadhyay, labika Kamal Fakir and the glory of the Lord of the earth Shafi, Pakistan and India Sai Zahoor Papon and The East India Company .

The second day of the festival on November 13, will serve music bauliyana, Baul mad chant, animate and ruba dreamer, Nasheed Plans, Aleem Asghar, Zahir Alim and Jehan Alim, Bari Siddiqui, sea and Friends, Sisters nurana India, Pawan Das Baul, Momtaz Begum Yunnan Art troops.

The closing day of the festival on November 14 artists of the process and the pursuit of her dance group, Islam Uddin kissakara, water and music in Ireland who did niyabha, Parvati Baul India, Indian Ocean, Bangladesh Kangalini Sufia, manganiyarasa from hamira. Pakistan is not the end of the festival, as well as famous artists Abida Parveen performs to this day.

In order to enjoy the music, but only those who have registered to enter. Printed copies of the entry passes and access and to bring photo ID will be used to close the entry.


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