I forgot to dream about the film: Shakib Khan


I forgot to dream about the film Shakib KhanShakib Khan. At the time, the most popular hero of the film. But there are numerous complaints against him. Those who are complaining, they are all concerned with the film. Shakib know how much these charges? Or what he said about these allegations? Shakib and the kind of film? Manzoor Qadir, all have tried to make sense. The 6 and 30 October, he said on the sidelines of a photo shoot with Shakib Khan.
What is your opinion of the current state of the film?

I ask the government, the direction of the film off. The movie does not need to say anything. Biephadisite (Bangladesh Film Development Corporation) direction locked.
You say, then say it?
Of course. The government will improve. Indian films are freely allowed to enter the Promotion, what to say about it!
What are the steps?
Now I do not want to say. Movies forgot about the dream. 58 crore for the development of the film on Tuesday. FDC later told authorities, four ayaleksa camera will be more sophisticated cameras from Sony. Post-production will be sophisticated equipment. Was taken feedback from various organizations. But I do not know anything.
Here we have the manpower to handle sophisticated technology equipment?
Over the five years of hearing, the institute will be different for the creation of skilled manpower. But the results did not see anything. Those who are doing good work here, who demand more, but each of them have made themselves. One of them is the film world. But now the film is good work from them.
You talked about the film off. And do what?
Do any other business. This country will be. My family film. I can not take my family disrepair.
Now you’re doing a photo?
Ten films in the works. Bulbul’s faith in politics, Muhammad Mustafa Kemal emperor, Shamim Ahmed Mental hasibura razors better than being a king of the sky 420.
Today is your new picture?
We have done a very good film, an epic love story at full length. Joya Ahsan I’ve played with this film. Safiuddin Safi director.
Manufacturers complain, you do not come on time, the shooting spot. Why?
I went out late in the set, and they did it? I worked late into the night until the morning. If you did not work, then how many pictures have been released?
What do you think of Bengali films competing?
It is not the job of the race field. Everyone is trying to place their own. I’m doing. It’s good to work him in the audience, viewers are taking him.
Some of India’s Bengali film actor doing lately in our country.
Calcutta, very bad movie. There are some manufacturers to sustain their industry are doing something in the name of co-productions. Now, I hear, has changed the rules of co-productions. In which the two producers are happy to be able to do so. I hear all the time, in co-production, everything will be a fifty fifty. That is simply not considered. What if it is a joint production?
How to unite the organizations for the development of the film?
The organizations that have the movie, the producer association in the void. Is a patchwork. Only artists you do not have to do anything with.
After being elected President of the artist, what steps you took?
Hindi film release of the protest. Burial clothes, walk down the street.
That Film Artists Association elections.
After the elections, however, did not do much.
I have consulted with several government officials. What was the result?
I do a lot of the government. The work has been given the task of whom, they count the cost of being humiliated. They want to bring the picture, it may be required to direct. If it is, then one day the film will have no choice except to move away from. But tell it, the rest of the people in the country at any cost, “the arrival of the Hindi film ‘rukhabai.
Some of the common complaints about your producers, some parts of the image after shooting does not work anymore. Additional fees claimed.
65 days were scheduled for the two pictures of the same producer. Let us not create the picture, they are looking for ways to do business, Adam! Their plan was leaked. They do not seem to work any longer. The whole time I was sitting. Now, more than 40 lakh from the picture we can ask. My job is scheduled to be sold. I need to sell several schedules for a photo. If someone can not be determined at the end of shooting the film, I will not take responsibility.
Many said, because of India’s Bengali film starring you are getting the opportunity to work here.
I alone will make many photos. At that age I was sightseeing, I was busy with the shooting. It is time, 365 days a year, I have to work. I’ve been working 10 years in a row. We have now reduced the work. If the picture will be taken to the cinema. I’ll ask them, not me, if you Happy Arifin, Bappi, to try to saimanake. Emon, are silent. Why is the need of the artist? Audiences ask, you see pictures of our artists.
Lately some of calaccitrasilpi and died. Some of them are organized biephadisite. They were organized to meet you.
I’m an actor in addition to the president of the Association of Film Artists. I have to stay busy with acting. Chashi Nazrul Islam, khalilaullaha Khan, Anwar Hossain, upon our left, at that time I was busy shooting. But I stayed connected with the process of organizing.
Is heard, you deliberately stayed away. BFDC the shooting but did not come out of the floor during the funeral.
These news on various online portals. The false news portal for the increase in hits.
Shakib Khan, Apu Biswas was married?
It is a film on the screen. Have fun. Since we’ve played together in numerous films, so when they heard that I was not surprised in the least. All the rumors.
When you’re married?
Within one to two years. Build a beautiful house. Gulshan. Tripleksa. Will be the home of his wife’s dream.


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