Autumn invitation


Autumn invitationHeating has decreased, with the cold air suddenly went cold at arrival. The smell around the festival. And other invited to the wedding ceremony has already begun. What sajagojei summer invitation to attend today? So what? Consider heat relief mekaape avoided so long as it can now safely take up. What kind of outfit this time, you know.
The weather! Bhagata still remains, so will oyatarabejada makeup. Since this season is a little bit cold at night, and the night is jamakaloi Invites normally, so the foundation can be used in liquid-based mekaape. Moist skin with moisturizer before you have to. After finishing powder makeup will take pat in the face of well-to install, banathai repeatedly told the hair stylist and beauty syalanera Kazi Islam. Around autumn dry, gray felt, so this will be the makeup and simari saini. If the eyes are soft, light colors will be on the lips. Shortly before this, but people have used a lot in matte lipstick, but is now reduced to just skin moisture, so now suitable for glossy lipstick. Now, a little shiny, and light colored lipstick phrasteda said Kazi Islam was underway. Young women can use lipastike shocking colors this season. The vacuum during the day to protect them from contamination hair donut bun, paniteila or style would be wise to take any of the usual fashion ties. Night parties, curly hair can be left tied up again when interfacing can cope with.

Arm hair tie to keep the base bhalocakacake
Oily sweat that much heat is nothing that can not be used while. But this causes the skin a bit, so now may be oily and simari Base makeup. Dewey is the makeup. Now the color of the skin can be used with the cream-based Shima. If you do not have any marks on the skin tint, just like a light cream, but they ran out of Shima. Foundation gala parties, pancake, etc. Base can be cumbersome to use.
Eye Glitz
The last few days have been very smoky eye. Ranguloi nuda is now more eye mekaape Zahid Khan says. Light pink, asphalt, brown, gold, white color Eye Shadow would look better. Eye in the autumn and winter period lainarera barabi Doll Eye or can I style drawing. Kajol’s now a bit of drag has been reduced too far. Let us show the leaf is heavy. Nuda above and below the eye with eye makeup look good planted paparite masakara frequent. If thick black eyebrows and beautiful. That would look gorgeous eyes. White paint under the eyes to adjust to the times. The gray, white or silvery color mixed with light eyes can put down the heat.
Colorful lips
Eye makeup should be light so as to decorate the lips ‘shocking’ or any color darker. Red, orange, hot pink, magenta, almost the color of autumn and winter harness lipastike be incomplete. Lipaglasa use of heat discomfort, but this winter is trouble, but chapped lips and dry at the time that the problem occurs glossy lipastikai better than matte lipstick.
The actress spoke with bonds Ajameri right. Tied hair from the curb itself says it all. Asked how he could be the party makeup. But, he says, did not take away from nature, yet it is quite hot, so winter makeup yet he did not start that way. So much of his skin is oily, so you do not need to use makeup Shima or worms. Those dry skin a little bit of their time in splendid garb simari makeup, he said. Do not use any of the four seasons, the glossy lipstick says. “This time consecutive dry lips a little, so do not use matte lipstick or velvet worms are using a kind of lipstick. If you use light to dark eye makeup and lipstick. “Said stopping.
What kind of lipstick, which will phrasteda ekhanasajate
* For the first time in the dry to wet skin moisturizer costs. If the skin is dry, you can start using oyelabejada mayescaraijarera from now. If skin is oily or normal, then will work oyatarabejadai.
* Based makeup, choose a liquid foundation for the skin type and time to understand.
* Pancake and concealers to cover the skin defect is always the case, however, the need to consider the type of season as well as his own skin.
* Dewey in the face though it will take to bring the worms Shima.
* Nuda color palette of eye makeup. For use above and below the eyes need more light-colored worms and simari shadow, heat and masakara.
* Lipaglasa or glossy lipstick and phrasteda.
* Hair Style Hair muja if the house can be, curler, forks, clips and hair bands.


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