During the concert, wedding announcements!


During the concert, wedding announcements!“We take note of the band members imanera. Suddenly the decision has been made. The’ve booked earlier. Will gayehaluda. I organized a family. There is no time to inform others. “1 hour 35 minutes Tuesday night, said by mobile phone, one of the members of the music group Sumi note.
Have imanera gayehaluda ceremony on Wednesday night, when Gulshan imanuyelasa byankuyeta. Nipa bride Farzana Yasmin. International University of Business Agriculture and Technology (aiiubieti) to BBA. Emon Stamford University and master’s degree in film and media studies.
Gayehaludera stage of the Emon-Nipa. They took pictures all around. Emon said on the sidelines of “Nipa my cousin. Contact us for eight years. Bashundhara’re a concert on Tuesday. Suddenly received a call from home. I was informed, yesterday (Wednesday) gayehaluda day after tomorrow (Thursday) to get married. After hearing that, I have to concentrate on the work at the concert? After returning home, I learned the details of the night. “
Notes The band Sumi said, “post-nuptial reception and a half years after the event. Therefore, it has been decided that the two studies. “

Song Emon son. Imanera the yellow skin, there will be music, so what! Gayehaludera was quite a concert held on the stage. Ferdous Wahid came to greet imanake, Prince Mahmud, frost (Untitled), Habib, Fuad Al Muktadir, silky Hossain Tapas, Alif Alauddin, Mahdi, Joy Shahriar, Bilal Khan and others. Three songs from the artists who have come to greet cirakutasaha night.

Emon married today and nipa. The wedding ceremony was held in the capital’s Mirpur family. Emon before starting a new life and wanted to ask everyone Nipa.


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