Internet Explorer is still ahead


Internet Explorer is still aheadWebsite viewing software (browser) as well as Internet Explorer still ahead. From the Web browser on a desktop computer, this is still the most commonly used. The Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome had 50.86 percent of the market share of IE. Many users of Microsoft Corporation, the software is still in regular use around the world, according to a study of .NET applications.
Studies have shown that, in recent years to 0. Internet Explorer (IE) and Mozilla’s popular browser behind Chrome browser used at one time has come. Aiira occupy half of the market where there are two competing browsers Chrome and Firefox, respectively, 3112 and 1128 the percentage of the market. Apple’s Safari browser market has led to the muthophonabhittika, with 41.13 percent. And 36.84 per cent to close Google Chrome. The list is still to be introduced with the Windows 10 operating system, the Microsoft browser is not Edge.


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