Normal and facial treatments at home as possible


Skin care, beauty tipsNowadays many of these facial pracalitayekona sound brighter than ever on his face before the ceremony, and a method of bringing the work to a facial.

Take a look at the general facial

Namidami this particular chemical is used, So phesiyale you can sit at home in a facial pack.

Take the following components 1upakarana collected.

Klinjim milk or lotion
Facial Cream
Black head remover
rose water
Beauty Pack
Hair Band
II. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.

3. I lay down in bed or chair, his head tilted to the back of the hair sample recline back fasten with a hair band.

4. The piece of cotton soaked in cold water to cover the eyes, the two eyes.

5. Klinjim milk with the help of cotton gently rubbed the whole face of the Clear.

6. The cream applied with a finger to massage rounds.

7. Ponds have oily skin, you can use lemon cream and dry carmisa cream.

8. Brana Brana carefully places it burst out of the mouth of massage karabenabrana spots.

9. The massage starts from the neck to karabenamyasaja slowly, not much pressure on the skin around the mouth, leaving two parallel diyehata habepuro massage to work 10 to 0 minutes.

10. The massage at the end of the 5 minutes.

11. Then, with a clean cotton mouth clean clothes or deleted.

If you remove the skin of the face with a skin tonic 12tailakta a light massage can give.

Treatment phesiyalah

Beauty instruments, as well as many different types of facial massage this phesiyale hayaupakaranagulo well go to the shop you can buy a large cosmetics.


Klinjim cream
Like any brand massage cream
Pack of herbal cucumber
Brana stick and can use the brush to apply the pack.
How can speak

1. Klinjim face massage with the cream to begin karunamyasaja nicata the eyes and nose and chin theketarapara at least 10 times on the cheeks .The above.

II. Then wash it.

3. After the massage again with fresh cream Wait 5 minutes in the same manner.

4. The coloring in hot water.

5. Take a four-fold krimagulo kemce thread.

6. The cucumber herbal pack on for 15 to 0 minutes remain seated.

7. The mouth wash well with light skin tonic massage and a facial and full episodes.


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