Just Become the unique


Just Become the uniqueCoco syanelera a famous saying, “A girl should be two things- Classy and Fabulous”. But it means we really know how many. Ananya Just what it takes to become a woman? Expensive clothes? Makeup brand? Or lighter color? No, the decision is. Your use, behavior, intelligence can bring up the past, then you’ll get himself between different. But How? Very easy, just something to keep in mind.

Very fair skin color or appearance of the structure to be pretty much a role, more important than how you yourself were playing nicely organized. Here are some things to keep in mind.

Paricchannatah hygiene conditions on the pleasant stay. Viscous oil from the hair, bad breath, dirty rough, dry feet, you’re pretty much see why people will not tell you anything classy or fabulous. So these things should be. To take a bath every day, with arms and legs, hands and feet, nail maiyescaraiyara flag and the place of respect. Avoid putting too large nails.

Posakah must be careful about the clothes. This does not mean that you have to wear expensive clothes or new clothes to wear every day. Whatever you wear, it is so clean and iron. Of course, everyone should keep in mind a few aspects of this case.

Do not pull myself up as slaves of fashion. There’s much more to the helm of the fashion does not suit everyone. Wear a dress suit yourself. For example leginsa very popular now. It takes a good light, thin girls, if you are heavy health, then it would be wise to go leginsa or the content of the pressed jeans.
Wear clothing over the place. After that will chat with friends, then surely it can not be in class. I can wear whatever I want to be kamaphoratebala. Do not wear clothing that Kerry can not do it.
Prabhokyatibha jamakapara ribhilim or gets too must be careful about. Otherwise, people could create the wrong image.
Keep a few things in the field of speech

Beautiful charge, to practice speaking slowly but clearly. Department or office and do not speak with a loud voice in the corridor. Even the fashion house or entered into any shop and do not speak loudly.
Be careful use of language. Stop insulting words or obscene words. Friends do not even chats. ..blaming Or obscene talk is never a good personality. Whether it’s outside or inside the house. Remember, your mind that represents your language.
I always criticize others or talk about others, not appetizing. Instead, the praise of others. If there is anything worse than to refrain from talking.
Just make yourself beautiful, elegant language is different, there is no alternative. English Bengali mixed, wrong to speak Bengali accent that would not in any way klasi or phyabiulasa.
That is to say, think and say. Please refrain from talking about anything without knowing. Before giving any thought to the day, whether it can keep. It must try to keep his word. Then you’ll get to all believers.
Do not talk about the food.
Others praise. It will come back to see her.
Do not make money in words. Which is all to say how much money they bought is not elegant.
If the practice quietly angry little to try to control yourself. Definitely do not go to speak to the anger of others.
Cosmetics sajasajjah we all love to do. But it is necessary to be careful when it comes. In case of grooming, space, period, considering the place. As well as very strong color lipstick on the lips, wandering through the house or the office or the classroom, but it is not an option. Learn about the idea that without makeup. To strike the face of a little makeup would never make you beautiful. The heroine of the magazine or on the TV model or the letter of the makeup, but that does not refuse it. Remember, it’s different things, and the silver screen.

Apart from these, there are some things you should abide by.

Sit up straight while sitting on the kabhabe.
Words do not walk or do not walk the ramp models.
Small or large, rich or poor, everyone was polite and elegant behavior with.
Streets, talking to somebody the finger photabena or not, do not khutabena nose, or mouth do not.
Social media published photos of his views or to be careful. Selaphi abroad 4/5 times bizarre day
Upload your followers to rise up when, but it is not good for your image.
Chat or talk on the cell will not go in vain.
During the talk, talk positive.
I always say to yourself, be careful to hear others.
The study, by the news, read the paper magazine to keep yourself updated. Remember, there is no substitute for knowledge.
Try to become economically self-reliant. Bring positive changes in yourself. Try atmaunnayanera.
Finally, in frustration with himself, or do not feel hinamanyataya. Do not compare yourself with others. Every human being is different. So try to build yourself a distinct identity. Be nice, be nice.


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