Stay busy life beautiful


Stay busy life beautifulIf workers or housewives, these days everyone is busy. For busy practicing different forms of life that are very difficult to find time in the many. Going out of the beauty of old women to get together in order to address some of the shorter of the two field directions.

First came the words of the working women. Office, home, family, making eating difficult going to cope. In the time of the holiday home, work or just to enjoy the world of sleep though it is available in different time for rupacarcara feel the utter luxury. Mechanical life is a little dodgy, and time management is something a little accustomed to this hard to retain its beauty.

Who is out for the office in the morning, not the day of the skin to retain moisture. Remove the skin after bathing, and put a little moisturizer in the morning while it was still wet. Wet skin moisture locked for the day. Coarseness of the skin to get rid of easily.
Perhaps that’ll become the parlor because of time constraints, but aibrao, Upper leap, is going to go to the hair salon for trimming. Play to your office if you have any good if no one in the bag for a light lunch as a meal, take syanadauica. Instant Lunch recovery in the balance of flows can complete these tasks. Take the way back to the office. When I entered the house at the end of a separate parlor and almost everyone seemed lazy.
At least one month or two months, when the time out to do a facial. Naturally, those who have to work outside of the skin comes into contact with dust. The skin becomes lifeless. Once common herbal facial skin care is far effortlessly.
Sometimes there can be no call in the night. It’s time to come home and be ready to grow again the parties, the parties will have to go to eliminate. In these cases the office in the morning to get out of silk or chiffon sari time to choose a solid color, which can be read in the office, and then to a party. Take the bag fitting with sarees, jewelery do a little heavy. Keep up with the heat, Kajol, compact, dark, and no lipstick makeup fixing spray. Mekaapata useful to the party office to change the jewelry till. That’s it! You can create!
No party was returning from dinner the night. Many have tired to chase the next morning in the office fell asleep without raising makeup. As a result of the problems is acne. Keep a small bag of cotton balls and a bottle of baby oil. On the way back home as much makeup, including eye makeup can pull up. Phesaoyasa entered the room with a face wash. The reclining bed with moisturizer.
At least one day a week the bath water, rose water or use 3-4 drops of Essential oil. To some extent it will escape from the stress of the week. Rose water spray bottle in the bag, you can leave. During office hours, you can spray the light, you will feel a bit more fresh.
I go into a routine of selected housewives. The world will have to deal with the important responsibility to play an unselfish way becomes time to herself. Some are not even 3 months to ekabaro parlor. But increasingly in the corner of the eye to read ink, skin Wrinkles Keek, shirt-blouse made a couple of months earlier suddenly become tight. Ha is not necessarily to wait. These are signs that, under the care of his family, just as I can not yatnaattita.

Rupacarcara have to think about when shopping to buy something is done. But as far as the lay out and buy. Do not use becomes longer. Wake up in the morning, 15 minutes before the scheduled time. Use one klinjara, face pack any other working day. Will be in the midst of pepper, fresh skin to keep the rights to use, just choose what ever. If the day is started with self-care, the key!
Morning tea was phutate water. After the tea leaves when the water becomes clear, in the face of the stimata lightly. Tea Liquor tremendous beneficial for the skin’s stem. It will be open lomakupagulo. Once the face with a blast of water to make tea. Lomakupagulo it will be closed. Daily skin care with the creation of tea per day would be.
While at least one day a week for 30 minutes is less than sitting in front of the television. Take advantage of the time. To remove the old nail polish. The shape of the program, who in the midst of applying nail polish. TV Show, and nail polish can not find the time set aside for planting. Nakhao be tidy. You can do this any day of the week. Similarly, you can take care of the foot. You can take it at home manicure and pyadikiora.
Rupacarcara want to keep fit with the body. Read the rest of the afternoon with the kids outside. Not the mall, take them to the park or any open field near the house. 3-4 days a week, at least 100 feet sweat a storm of souls that, in order to reduce excess calories and you do not necessarily separate. The children get a chance to play a bit more open. Gheyemita one of the family can be shaken for a while.
Two slices of cucumbers and salad harvest set aside 4 slices of tomato. Clean the face before going to bed the night before the tomato slices of cucumber and place it with. 1520 minutes and wash off with cold water. The appearance will be fatigue.
The dense mixture of granulated sugar and lemon juice in a glass bottle in the bath room of the day. As a full-body massage bath wash skraba. That’s enough to cut the skin to smooth rough skin coloring.


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