Paribarah a social institution


Paribarah a social institutionIf a large family where a father and a mother. This comes from a new generation of parents. Likewise it is the responsibility of the family, the mother and father have a lot of responsibility. Because children do not just learn from the mother. They noticed his behavior deeply. So if a family has a baby boy. Since childhood, he began to think about a father himself. He wants to grow up to be a man like my father. So by the end of the day when his father came home, the table gets hot rice, the whole house is tidy. 365 times a day that he is a wife to hold your hand throughout the day to work at home, and you have come as a blessing in my life. I could not get over my life without you. I was dissappointed to you. If the parents are not home, but nothing organized or very trivial incident began shouting and screaming mother with the man. The children’s father and mother of a child afraid of the cemcamecike hide behind. His mother is the only safe place.

These children tend to be yatabara the house she understands her sorrow and her mother’s place, thinking himself sitting next to the mother’s hand. The mother can feel, I’m with you. But the boy’s mother’s house, do not realize the trouble. Because a long time ago, she had to stand in the place of his father. Pain or sacrifice so mom and dad abahelake her mother does not feel wrong. In real life when he started his own family with his beloved using the same. Sammattitei the parents marry or not to marry the woman of his choice, why can not he get out of this habit.

It still is the case, when a girl falls in love with the woman or girl paraparusera just the parents of the man who wants to separate the family, but do not touch the side of her illicit lover boy. But when a child is involved in love affairs. He was not satisfied with the mahilatei. She is the woman / mother in the house next to you in the eyes of the young girl. Whether that is where the stop is not like his own daughter and the daughter of the house, there is also the desire to have them all to the taste of the vegetables. From the grand vision of the house, and she was even not released. I’m not a feminist man. I’m a man and woman.

Today’s society is getting as much as 80% of its liabilities because it is a boy, his parents never taught him to respect women how. So the father is the man, and put him in a bar in front of the mirror and see yourself, members of your family how much you are willing to respect and gratitude. Because you are looking at a new generation of children is a boy. Whether the image is yours.

I write this not to hurt any individual. It is seen from the society around me. However, Bangladesh is the same everywhere, whether this far-off England. Your father goes away when a woman parikiya. But the whole affair with a boy broke her kurucipurna sansaratai for behavior. When a mother is able to give a better generation 100% when the company extended a helping hand and give her beloved husband to do the honors. There is no substitute parents. Everyone has their own responsibilities. So we do not purify themselves in the interest of the whole society, not just for the sake of his own. We respect all people. However, the wife of the house indeed. Your child to be able to view your honor. And we get a clean society.


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