Oatmeal for brighter skin dagachopahina five phesapyaka


blog-oatmeal-680x450Surely everyone knows oatmeal. Kolesaterala oatmeal and low-fat because of its ability to gradually become popular in our country. But that oatmeal can be used for beautiful skin, you know what?

Oatmeal is very good for use on all skin types. But the specialty of acne or a rash on the skin problems, skin extra oily or sensitive enough to take proper care of the skin, struggling to eat oatmeal works best for them. Oatmeal suthim the action of skin irritation (inflammation) reduces the reddish coloring of the skin and remove excess oil from the surface of the skin to absorb with. Many people may not know is that the oatmeal tan skin and dark dagachopa ibhenatonada has the power to remove the skin. It is regularly used in skin care for your skin to remove the skin more bright and dark coloring is bound to lighten the skin-tone. In addition, the alkali wash the face with soap or phesaoyasa do not like to use, you can use oatmeal to wash their faces very well, because it can clear up skin deep.

And so today I went for some phesapyakera recipes made with oatmeal, which you can see for themselves how effective is oatmeal for the skin.

Where oatmeal?

Oatmeal is found everywhere nowadays. Any suparasapa or large grocery stores will have different brands of oatmeal. Please note that extra encouragement to spice oatmeal just will not buy a pack of you! After writing pure oatmeal to buy clothes pack well.

1st pyakah Skin hoyaitenim oatmeal phesapyaka

What lagabe

Two tablespoons of oatmeal
4 tablespoons of milk (raw or boiled can use both)
4 tablespoons lemon juice
What will make

This face pack all skin types, including oily skin, sunburn owners to remove the black coloring can be used. First, a little water, boil for ota, then to cold. Find a mix of adhesive. The whole of the milk and lemon juice in your face, hands, feet or body in which to withdraw from the black spots where you want to use. 0-5 minutes and wash with cold water. Nigrescent very short period of time can leave the skin.

Second pyakah oatmeal and almonds (almond) phesapyaka

What lagabe

Two tablespoons of oatmeal
Almonds (almond) -5 pm
1 tablespoon honey
Which is as much need for milk or cheese phesapyaka misanara
What will make

This phase would be better for the screen by uncommenting pyakata normal and dry. Aging of the skin problems like specialty mechata Wrinkles or if it will use the results of staring.

To make this pack the almond powder in blender or with fine crushed it. The oatmeal by mixing, blending or pisuna again. Stop if the powder like sand. If you want to make this mixture in the refrigerator, you can leave once a week. Just want to make it to the phesapyaka honey and milk / yogurt mixed as a paste and apply to the skin. After 15 minutes, rinse with water and massage the skin, turn by turn. Wrinkles can be reduced by regular babahare skin and reduce dark Dagao.

3rd pyakah oatmeal and rose water Skin taitenim phesapyaka

What lagabe

1 teaspoon pea
1 teaspoon oatmeal
1 teaspoon honey
Amount of rose water
What will make

Match ota little pea mix with crushed to powder. The two can be mixed in equal dry containers for later use. The powder mixture to create a paste of honey and mixed. Leave on for twenty minutes and wash face. This pack allows you to use all the owners of the skin.

4th pyakah oatmeal milk klinsim

What kilagabe

1 cup oatmeal
Ota bite clean water
And a pan chamkuni
What will make

It’s actually not a phesapyaka. So who is better known as liquid milk but klinsim guys. If you can use it on a regular basis to clear the skin from all the dirt deep in the skin as well as dark coloring so that it will give you a bright fair skin. You can use all types of skin.

Phutate low heat until the water ota ota became frequent. Turn off the stove when you are frequent. Chamkuni carefully separate the liquid from the mixture through it. I am chilled to liquid. It will be very dense and a bit sticky. That was the milk in your klinsim.

Wash your face after face wash it, or you can use instead. Take a cotton ball and put the whole face. When dry wash.

5th pyakah oatmeal and tomato phesapyaka

What lagabe

Two tablespoons ota, crushed to powder.
Half tomato
Teaspoon rose water
What will make

Take tomatoes piure well (tomato paste). Piure tomato paste mixed with the powder and rose water otera spelling. This paste applied to the face and neck and wash 0 minutes.

Otera tomatoes and mix well will remove your skin tan. Eksaphaliyeta with the skin and make the skin more brilliant dedaselasa away.


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