Two packs of brown stain!

*** Summer Girl *** Wide Desktop Background

*** Summer Girl *** Wide Desktop Background

Today you have to do it yourself pikatoriyala Summer Special. We have the sun and the heat went out (in class, work or elsewhere) Summer Tan One of the biggest tragedy of their lives. But not less than that in the hectic day time can be his own behind. Many laughed when he heard the parlor blow dena … Hey. Is there such a time?

And that’s why you are going to show the mask a little trouble 12 times in a week, when the body to the skin brighter and lighter than the previous one. According to your skin type from the basic one, or you can use the two maskai.

First resipih

This mask recipe will be good for normal to dry screen by uncommenting owners.

Which lagabe

One table spoon of milk powder
Liquid milk, liquid milk fat is not a good enough reason not to be found. Dry the screen by uncommenting will meet the needs of the moisture. However, if the skin is more dry skim milk instead can use. Oily skin, this mask when the owners do not use yogurt instead of milk.

Half a teaspoon of turmeric powder
One teaspoon of honey
Half a small lemon / one teaspoon lemon juice
Amount of rose water
summer tan 1

I just have to take a face mask to make that amount. You want to put hands and feet or the body will be increased to keep the praparasana.

Which will make

A bowl of milk powder, turmeric powder mixed.
The day of the honey and lemon juice.
At the end of the photo with the rose water to create kansisatenasi, your mask was diameter.
summer tan 2

Taralye tyanada for you to massage these areas will benefit.
Apply this mask on the face or body. Two minutes of grids and body massage for 5 minutes, 10 minutes and leave the mask. Once dry, rinse with cold water.
Persistent elbow on your knee, and this mask will be effective to remove the black dye.
summer tan 3

The active ingredients in this mask out all upakaranai haoyae tan skin 3 times this mask will very much in use.

The second resipih

This recipe mask combination, oily and sensitive screen by uncommenting be good for owners.

Which lagabe

Great and paste the cucumbers, half a teaspoon
Tomato juice, one teaspoon
Half a teaspoon of yogurt
Half a teaspoon of honey
A pinch of turmeric powder
One tablespoon lemon juice
A teaspoon of pea / oily fuller’s earth take one teaspoon of the seasoning
Which will make

Cucumbers and tomato paste and lemon juice in a bowl and mix
The talk of the day, yogurt and honey, and a pinch of turmeric powder. Mix well again.
summer tan 4

The compilation of the day with a fuller’s earth or pea.
summer tan 5

Mix well and bring to a photo kansisatenasite good way to mask clings to the skin.
summer tan 6

Diameter was made.
Use this mask to get good results when the skin is washed skraba.
0 minutes and put on the skin, wash it off with cold water and a light massage.
If your under-arme black dye can also use this mask.
You can save the mask in the refrigerator for 3 days.
These two maskai sunburnt skin bright and fair, making it effective for dusk. Just remember that there are two maskei the lemon and yellow, with the use of the sun would never do. This mask is best used at night. And yes, of course spf 40 sunscreen to avoid sun damage to the umbrella. Tan will not get a chance to come back.


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