Mysterious queen Cleopatra’s Beauty Secrets


Mysterious queen Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets‘Cleopatra’ … how many men have been fascinated for decades without hearing the name, how many women have been and irsita. The last queen of Egypt, the empire of outstanding beauty leads us to this day fairytale. According to the history of its outstanding beauty queen Cleopatra would choose to maintain luxurious rupacarcara. Hundreds of slaves were in the service of the queen niyajita family are slaves. And why not? He was the most prosperous in the history of the empire, Caesar and Mark Malkin, whose redesign was started at six ayantani crazy. The world was his hands.

Some of the greatest magical Cleopatra, mayabini. He was the perfect combination of form and personality of others. This beautiful glamorous woman in history to have recorded rupacarcara ways. And who does not wish to tell a fairy princess herself occasionally to adjust? Did you know? Cleopatra gold mask on her face used to maintain eternal youth. Yes, solid gold mask. Secret beauty queen who is not possible for anyone to follow. Let’s rupacarcara the other way rather than the material that may be able to give you a bright skin and thick black hair like a fairy rajaranira.

And so today, I am writing the story of Cleopatra, queen of pepper and a little mysterious flashing in our lives and how this could be brought about in some way to her …

Royal snanah

Egypt is one of the most famous beauty queen’s secret recipe for his bilasamaya royal bath. He bathed in milk and honey. Cleopatra bath containers of pure fresh milk with a young donkey, took oil mixed with honey and almonds and a far off when it is said that the queen had traveled with him during her swim to the jenny is no shortage of milk! Goat and donkey milk for the beauty already proved an outstanding role in the scientific way. Beauty products from the market for all types of milk because it might smooth skin and bright honey and almond oil for less than the role we all know, is not it?


If dudhe plenty of lactic acid. Regular use will give you a bright screen by uncommenting increased regeneration of body tarunyamaya.

-Honey To maintain skin moisture, smooth skin, bright.

-Nuts Oil, vitamin A and vitamin E are beneficial for the skin.

What do you do?

Take half a cup of honey. Then add three cups of milk and two tablespoons of almond oil. The mixture is mixed with water in your bath and wash away with it. Before you can use the pack as uncorrelated bath. Use once a week will see the difference for yourself.

Queen Cleopatra’s face mask and krimah

Queen’s maids and fishermen used to bring fresh elabherara leaves mixed with honey made mask queen. He had brought his servants and the white clay or white clay face mask made of juice mixed with cucumbers. It is, he said, Wrinkles away.


Elabhera have very sensitive skin of sudim and the ability to overcome all the problems.

-White Clay makes skin tension and reduces the incidence of Wrinkles.

What do you do?

Very simple. Elabherara to a fresh page. Separate from the jelata. Mix one teaspoon honey with clean skin and leave on for fifteen minutes and rinse. Became diameter.

The second mask is just one teaspoon for teaspoon of two cucumbers with fuller’s earth and add the juice can be used as the mask. You can also add half a teaspoon of lemon juice. Tan Tao can be cut.

Queen’s Body skrabah

Milk and honey bath, queen of the young women that they get a good result in his whole body massage with natural body would skraba. The sales drop dead, and Cleopatra became more smooth skin. This would be in the royal skraba far from the Dead Sea to the Sea salt mixed with cream made with ghee.


The Dead Sea salt perfectly with its smaller grain sales to remove the minerals nutrition. The return of the loss of skin moisture cream butter.

What do you do?

C. Salt brown sugar if you do not, half a teaspoon of ghee and mixed with a teaspoon of olive oil to create your own royal skraba body. Before the swim two to three minutes to turn it around with the body massage. Masrnataya the surprise out of his skin in the bath.

In the eyes of the queen yatnah

Queen in her eyes today for gold in the world, we are immortal. Made on his life history are different plays or movies taken from the queen’s famous harness is used, and the queen, his eyes bright and appealing to the eyes and hempera seleri put juice.


Seleri hempa both the skin and gives a tinge of death when used to maintain skin moisture. It is less eye fatigue.

What do you do?

There is no need to look toward the hempera seleri. Please keep the refrigerator cold cucumber cut with a wheel. Take the rest of the day while the two eyes. Fatigue can be automatically cut off.

Cleopatra’s hair yatnah

Cleopatra is said to have hair like a thick black cloud. Egyptian queen used her hair with henna leaves paste, and clear instructions junipara berry juice. Her daily hair care and hair massage with olive oil and almond oil were.


– Henna hair and maintains the natural beauty of the lush and Silky hair. You can use the juice mixed with amalakira.

– Nuts and olive oil strengthens hair by a hair’s breadth nutrition reached.

What do you do?

The amount of the fresh leaves of the henna paste mixed with the juice amalakira the hair at least twice a month to practice putting.

The equivalent of two to three days a week, almond oil and olive oil on the scalp massage with warm light.

Diameter Now you know what a wonderful glamorous Egyptian empress used her beauty care. What seems to have been too difficult? Some of these methods, but can be seen easily by Tri. Now the queen, Cleopatra’s royal spa you can take at home.


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