At this time the skin care


At this time the skin careThis time is a little uncomfortable for everyone. The unbearable heat in the skin over and over again a problem occurs. If you want a simple solution menateina will help keep the heat unbearable. Plenty of heat from the body to sweat out the water. And so the skin loses moisture. Drink plenty of water to keep skin healthy in the summer and plenty panijatiya food or food to eat. This is a common problem in the summer time and the skin becomes oily and acne is that the White Head, brown coloring. Although not even dry skin, excessive sweating, trouble with oil owners, causes a rash.


The time is too much sweat, so keep the skin clean. Works very well for klininyera cucumber dip. To keep the refrigerator cool while you can leave on the skin and chop the cucumber. The increase in skin brightness. At home all day, but at least two days to clean the skin. To clean the skin before going to sleep and wake up enough to use moisturizer. Tulaya without makeup face makeup cleansing milk is very well set up it. Then wash with phesaoyasa can put any desired pack.


Toner is very important to keep the heat off the skin pore. Toner helps to cool the skin, as well as the pore withholds. Skin benefit when used with the toner is available. So if tonarera rose water can be used instead. Toner Save Toner refrigerated or cold place to get a good result. For the period of seasonal fruits weigh the blessing, seasonal fruit juice can be used as toner. Apply cold watermelon juice on the skin will come back refreshed. Rose water can be used as toner.


Many people think that you do not use moisturizer in the summer heat. However, in the heat of the skin moisturizer is very important to retain moisture. So in the summer to avoid the problem of oily skin, water-base, you have to choose the moisturizer.

Sunscreen krimah

Keep your sunscreen cream SPF sunscreen cream to use as it is 30-40. According to your choice, choose a sunscreen cream, lotion or powder. All parts of the body that takes part in the sun will put a sunscreen cream. Many people think that if only the sun is to use sunscreen cream, but cloudy weather should use a sunscreen lotion or cream. Sunscreen cream until 5pm lagalei run, but sometimes 3-4 hours after the wash sunscreen cream with SPF Lip Balm again be put to use.

Sunburn skin care and increase the brightness of excess yatnah

A ripe banana with honey, lemon juice and cream mixed in the face, hands and feet, skin coarseness plugging away. Milk, egg white flag instead of the filmy oily skin. Green, yellow, juice, cucumbers, tomatoes and lemon juice mixed with milk cream and put it on dry skin.

Flour, yogurt and mix a few drops of lemon juice to mask “Sun Tan” very beneficial to remove. Porabhaba sun to shine away the skin of the lemon juice is great. (Collected)

Oily skin, this season may come to some dark coloring. The fuller’s earth and honey, and leave it for a while in the face of mixed.

For acne or spots cucumber, rose water and can put raw turmeric paste. Mixed skin, egg white, honey, lemon juice, cream and planted brightness will return.

This summer, fresh, healthy and beautiful in the morning in order to stay out of the bag at the time of a water bottle, a packet of saline, a sunscreen cream, punk, baby wipes, blatim paper, umbrella, sunglasses should be with.


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