Flowers for the beautiful and remarkable skin phesamaska


Flowers for the beautiful and remarkable skin phesamaskaOne symbol of the beauty of the flower. Ganguly, who did not beat people to the beauty of flowers and rare earth. And in the same way as a flower blooming beauty beautiful and alluring to each people its own. Remember that the one thing that everyone does not born with perfect skin, perfect skin a little effort and you can make by exercising.

Phesamaska recipes made with flowers that you speak of in your skin that will enhance the beauty and brightness. And the most important thing for them, you will not be moving anywhere, at home, in your own hands for his skin Flower phesamaska radio.

Flower phesamaska resipih

01 roses phesamaska

Some of rose petals and milk and wheat phlekasa (wheat flakes) are mixed together to make a soft paste form. To this paste on your face and wash skin thoroughly and put a little in the face. You can use dried rose petals to make the mask and the face before applying face mask Wash well. This mask your skin by increasing skin tone shine as soon as the skin is taken care of porasagulora.

02 Marigold flower phesamaskah

Dirty and pale skin tone works best for phesamaska marigold flowers. Some of marigold flower petals powder with a small amount of milk, yogurt and a bit of carrot to put on your skin whatsoever, well refined and mouth wash after some time.

It will remove the rust on your skin and increase skin sheen. The specialty of this mask is the best skin care in winter, but in summer you can use.

03 Jasmine Flower Mask
Makes just some of the jasmine flower petals with water to make a paste out after a while to keep your refrigerator and apply it to your skin. Please wait a little cream on your skin, wash it off and on for daily use it.

This summer jasmine mask on your skin to feel cold air with the sun burns your skin will give one word sanatana.

04 Mask lavender flowers

Lavender flower petals into the water in some of the pamparigulo Boyle. He took the petals from the water mixed with a small amount of powder Oats as soft paste and apply to face it and wait until it dry. Then wash your face with clean water. Pharsabhaba lavender mask will help to restore your skin and make the skin blooming.

Lotus flower Mask

Some of the lotus flower petals in a small amount of fresh water and boil it down. This water is used as the mask to your skin. Of course, do not forget to wash before Boyle petals. Lotus flower, which is rich in vitamins and minarele hold your skin, and the skin is desirable.


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