After twenty women Anti-Aging pepper


After twenty women Anti-Aging pepperWherever many young mind, but your skin can not keep pace with her. Fold the corners of the eyes in the mirror one morning and suddenly brown, rough skin or light sesame to see “anti” is a term that mirror the look of your eye. But the problem is that women in our country, they’re happy if we can solve the problem with make-up. Sesame is? Full coverage like pancake. Fold the corners of the eyes? Searching … but at the end of the day kansilara remember the make-up will look like when the book is worse than ever. Give yourself the question, right? Selaphi without make-up, whether you have to upload Confidence? If the answer is not, maybe you should be serious about skinakeyara now.

What? I scared? If you can solve the right problems, but there is no need to fear. The older you do not have to hide behind a thick layer of make-up, for a long time to get to the gloyim is called Skin aging gracefully ..

To start the Time

This event is one of the saliva aladai. But OESTROGEN your body goes 1-year-old pickup points. Therefore, the anti-aging skin care at any time after the start. Changing urban lifestyle and stress the skin very quickly started to hurt. Life is very stresaphula those before him, and their 5-year anti-aging skin care should start from.

The signs of aging skin guloh

1. Bangladeshi women, the signs of skin aging to the Edge ‘spot’ or ‘mole’. They do not care if it is the light that contains dark colors. This question is not just skin mole sarabo How do you try to understand what it is saying.

II. ‘Dry’ is another symptom. Dry skin is normal or dry with age and their skin becomes rough.

3. But those who have oily skin, dry skin, but by the impression of age can not be understood. If your skin becomes more oily than the pore size of the day is to be understood, however, has started to hurt your skin.

4. Line your lips dry and fall and hurt himself gradually becomes black, another sign.

5. And if you have to break your nails and the hair becomes rough, but seriously, anti-aging skin care today, without attention.

How do you start?

Skin Care rejimena to menateina. When the sun during the day klinajim-tonim-mascaraijim use sunscreen SPF 40+ PA +++. And at night after cleansing-tonim better understand the need to make sure to use serum or night cream.

Exact method

* Eye eye is the first impression of age. Mayescaraijim so I always like almonds oil is very light cream or pure hand-eye down, the next part of ailide take it.

* What type of facial skin tbaka aloud rub off when using the product. For it will regret it later. Pat lightly with cream, and put them on. And more than once a week, and every time they use the skraba more than a minute of time, do not skraba. Collagen-rich face cream to use.

* Make it a habit to massage the skin of the head hair. Stay away from using styling products. Do not ribandim paratapakse. They are nothing more than destructive himself to his feet.

If not, you may be the right move

Since I know the make-up, skin care favorite women who want to agrahyai do so before the end of the proper skin care at the right time if you do not know your skin type, and after another ten years, however, a chemical procedure to see that the mirror What do you see at pabena

    What is your age 3 to 4, and think you’re wrong on the skin chirp “Where? Nothing is going on. What’s the problem when you bleach? Palisa or the Fair? “But think again … you have to have the strength to repair yourself your screen by uncommenting still do not understand what you are doing mischief. 5 The self-repair capacity is reduced when the screen by uncommenting seen the ugly cross fit in the corner of the eye, mouth and forehead deep Wrinkles on the jump line, thin skin is suspended, mechata spots. Cover with make-up and how many? Who wants to see the beauty of his mummy skin that is so early?

But after you see Wrinkles naruka your recollection?

Remember that ‘Prevention is better than cure.


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