3 beautiful and lush papaya skin phesamaska


3 beautiful and lush papaya skin phesamaskaLighter your skin color, black or syamala main thing is that no matter whether your skin beautiful and blooming. Depending on your skin and your beauty diptimayata on similar reasons. The skin is not the same luster and beauty to maintain that, but for those whose skin became graceless us today are very familiar with papaya fruit recipes 3 phesamaska remarkable.

Papaya is rich in vitamins A, C, E and antioxidants, which are full of coarseness remove the skin makes the skin smooth and lush. In addition, beta-carotene and papaya enzymes are very beneficial for your skin. In addition, it prevents the skin to wrinkle lines on the skin by increasing the skin glow brighter.

Excellent for skin blooming 3 phesamaska resipih
01 papaya, honey and lemon maska
-1 \ 4 ripe papaya
-1 Tablespoon honey
Adha tablespoons lemon juice

Take or blender to blend ripe papaya mash. The papaya with honey and lemon and mix in well with these three factors. To this paste it on your skin, wash it clean and dry for 15 minutes and go. The skin with warm water to remove the mask and wash the face with cold water.

Use organic honey and lemon recipes Make sure it is fresh. Papaya enhances your skin tone, skin saphatanesa honey and lemon to prevent the bacteria from the skin and reinforces the skin is naturally dipaklina.

02 papaya, banana and cucumber phesamaska
-1 \ 4 ripe papaya
-1 \ 4 cucumber
-1 \ Two ripe bananas

Papaya, banana and peeled cucumbers with a fine blend whatsoever to a blender. In this fine paste on your face and apply it on the eyes and lips are out of the area. Wait 15 minutes and then remove the mask on your face with warm water. Wash thoroughly with cold water the next time you face.

This is the more ripe bananas and papaya mask you use, the more you’ll benefit. Papaya, bananas and cucumbers combined elements that your skin soft, tender and bright. This will prevent the phesamaska Wrinkles and skin your skin will be healthy.

Papaya and egg white ansara phesamaska
-1 \ 4 papaya
-1 Egg white

Peel the papaya and blend well with a blender. Egg white in a bowl with a spoon, then stir until the foam shape. The papaya mix well with the egg white. This mask on your skin, wait 15 minutes and remove the mask with warm water and wash the face with cold water.

This mask makes your skin and treat pimples the same time keeps the skin young. If you want to save this mask can be refrigerated up to 3 days.

If you are not only ripe papaya papaya face maskai simapli peel the skin and massage the skin in what is good. Do not eat raw or ripe papaya that is positive, it is very beneficial for your skin, starting with your health, and therefore it seems so pempeke “Angel of the food” is called.


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