Mung dal stain face a tremendous phesapyaka


Mung dal stain face a tremendous phesapyakaOur face is the most beautiful part of the body. And the beauty of your beautiful face to face gloomy enough dagai. The beauty of the bloodthirsty men of every woman is a big problem, even in the face of the spots. This could be acne spots, mechata spots, stains or any other stain chalira dye stain. If you treat the stain kari kari money going to the doctor, or going to different parlor types of skin treatment or cure step stain from the market buying expensive skin care products. Saw these medical drugs, salon skin treatment and skin care products in the market, and the damage to your skin and how much is coming in handy? Yes, they may be able to heal temporarily stain your face or your skin lighter, but the damage will ultimately lead to the loss can not you?

So let’s face hardened spots that today I will introduce you to a pack which you can make your kitchen with the essentials, and will not harm your skin. You sit at home without the use of a pack of mung dal spots on your skin can heal.

– Soak in a bowl on a table spoon Mug dal and paste in the morning and make a fortune to remove.
– Take 1 tablespoon of orange peel powder.
– The mung dal paste, orange peels powder and then mixed with a teaspoon of honey and blend together.
– Make a fine paste mixed with a small amount of raw milk.

Use the am
This paste it on your face to beautiful skin.
Put it in your mouth from -15 to 0 minutes.
When sukiye well wash your face with warm water.
-For Better results, please follow this procedure twice a week.

Mung dal vitamin B-1, B-5, B-6 and B-9, increases the circulation of blood to the skin. Vitamin B components of the pulse pulse light spots on the skin helps to increase the brightness. Orange peel skin from damage sustained to maintain the health of the skin and the skin is soft and flexible under. With these two elements of the rules, which is why you continued your skin care is expected to reduce blur in your mouth.

Do not edit the patches in the mouth area. There was no way to cure him of his skin spots do not want to experiment. I remember a blur of anxiety or stress, either tell them not at all, there is no possibility to remove the stain on your face twelve markets there is a chance your skin.


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