This spring, like the excess skin care


This spring, like the excess skin careI do not want to go to the end of winter, and spring is in its midst, the philosopher drunk. He wants to be youthful rodatao opportunity. All together, they are enjoying their best to win the match. And dhulabalike, the one type basanterai partner, the latter does not admit that prohibition ‘drunkenness’. This does not change the nature of the winter or hot weather occurs in a variety of skin problems. To the left, but his dry winter or coarseness, so the skin starts feeling the tightness of the skin is likely to burst. This season special attention to the whole body. So, as much as possible at the time to be aware of.

Skin yatnah

Choose mild or less phesaoyasa Alkaline cleaning the skin. Do not dry your skin further and help retain moisture. If you are using during the winter low Alkaline phesaoyasa can use it now. Use soap instead of shower gel for the body. Natural skin dry and rough skin loses moisture as well. Therefore, it is important to scrubbing. When scrubbing the skin takes the mrtakosa. Choose tonim for Alcohol Free Toner. Cucumbers in the refrigerated juice can be used as toner save. PH balance of the skin, this toner is right. It is a very effective toner. If a large amount of dust in the air of the time, so if you use the Deep mayescaireyara all the dust and sit on your skin. So, choose a water-based cream or lotion to protect the skin.

Hair yatnah

One day after a shampoo or hair can be protected from the dust. To protect the hair from the head scarf out of the dust can be bound. Massage hair with warm coconut oil and olive oil together the next day shampoo will remove the coarseness of the hair. Excess hair care yogurt, bananas, papaya, using the pack is good hair. One day after a shampoo or hair can be protected from the dust.

Hand-foot yatnah

Return to the warm water mixed with shampoo and wash, soak feet for 10 minutes to remove. Then apply mayescaireyara. At the time, the sun burns the skin is black dye stain spots at time due to dry hands and feet very soon burst. So, to prevent chapped hands and feet should be in the 1 bar and a manicure and pedicure at night, use petroleum jelly. The hands and feet of the black spots karateeka teaspoon turmeric powder mixed with 1 teaspoon lemon juice and seasoning paste to yogurt. The hands and feet and put it in cold water for 30 minutes and washed it.


The food is more important to protect the skin and hair beauty. Eating, nutrition and care of just 0. 80 percent share in the beauty of the people depend on. Be particularly careful at the eating. Vitamin E-rich vegetables, fruits, and drink plenty of water. Drink at least 8-9 glasses of water a day. Seasonal fruits are available during the spring too, so you have plenty of fruit, vegetables and salad Khan. Vegetables, and fruits regularly. The skin will be soft and shiny.

Going out prastutih

Use sunscreen lotion to work out first. Because at the time, and it is very much sanabarna not only the face, back and arm-legs. If you do not use sunscreen lotion on the skin may be small black spots. Apply sunscreen cream once to four hours of work. So if you are out all day every four hours to clean the mouth and put a sunscreen cream. Sanablaka sunscreen lotion or cream and put it over the skin of the water base, such as those with oily skin sunscreen lotion, sunscreen cream and those with dry skin, mixed skin oleaginous whom they gel they use sunscreens. Sometimes the water would spray. Wet wipes or bag (wet tissue) of the day. Take off from work face. Cleaning your skin look fresh as well. Time to think outside of sunglasses to protect the eyes from dust. Wash hands and face from the back very well. Wash face and apply a moisturizer to damp face.


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