New kyariyarah flight stewardess / cabin crew


New kyariyarah flight stewardess cabin crewToday, we all have become more or less aware of the carrier. Many traditional jobs instead of keeping up with the times today are looking for something new. So today I’ll talk to the apparently new carrier. What if the entire world is your office? Or do you think is the job? Indeed it is. Such a nurse working in the aircraft. Today, the air hostess, cabin crew or the aircraft, how to choose his career as a nurse to give him something to look suluka.

It is a glamorous career, there are a lot of high-paying jobs, as well as the benefits of opportunity. However, for these professions, but not easy to nayaera tremendous hard work and ability to concentrate. Hi talent to be a great time to be of any danger smartaye.

Aircraft nurse’s job?

Many folks what it means to serve the work of a nurse in the air. More than a nurse in charge of aircraft. Safety and security is the responsibility of the nurse on the plane.

What exactly needs to be on the plane to be a nurse?

The minimum educational qualification of higher secondary air to be a nurse or equivalent will be passed out. However, nowadays most preferred airline in the list of graduates keeps.

– From the age of 18 may be up to a maximum of 7 years. Airlines may be different depending on the age of the list.

– Unmarried at the time of the service will be applied.

 – To learn to swim. It is very important for the safety prasidiorera.

– Must have body tattoos. Stains, etc., should not be any scars or acne.

– Must have eye glasses. Usually vision is to 6/6.

Sadharanata minimum height of 160 cm (women) and 170 cm (men) will be. It may differ depending on the airline. Will have to adjust to the height of the weight. For example, if someone’s height is 5 feet, two inches, his weight should be between 50 kg and 54 kg.

Bhyalida to have a passport, but the mast.

-French Will be proficient in.

Like other carrier in this case is much more challenging. Airlines usually less because the number. Remember, if you do not succeed, then 6 months before applying again to the same company can not be re-applied. So do lots of homework before applying. Let’s know what is just ahead of you from others rakhabe

 -French Would be neat tremendous. Should not be any kind of worldliness. If you want to learn other foreign languages in addition to English, it will be for you a great big advantage.

-If From 6 months to 1 year of experience in any job, but much can be increased if suyogata. However, it is better to work in customer service. You can choose the call center, receptionist, etc. employment.

You will have the benefit of employment in different parts of the country and abroad. He did not have time to catch any obstacle. There is no specific day or weekend. You may have to work in the midst of the festival. You have to be ready all the time. This is a problem with this job, but if Rose is 10 am to 5pm job and do not want to put myself stuck between four walls, but this is the perfect job for you.


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