Interview: “True fear, itself the power grab, do yourself a win”


InterviewTrue fear itself theInterview: “What do you see as one, as one sees in the game. I second team. Consider that a good cricket match, what kind of preparation before the start of the game until the last ball of the game. A player has to practice hard and play well for the match. Mental and physical determination is needed. The clothing is also important.

Let’s come to the key words. Phone, e-mail or letter when it comes to the desired digit in an oral examination for a job, then there is a feeling duru duru early on, is not it? While the mind is dreams fake plant, on the other hand takes a little bit nervous.

What are the issues and the importance of the debenah

01. Your clothing and sajah

If you’re a woman, do not try to wear formal clothing. Gold, or whatever wears a three-piece, matching the importance of the right and of course, do not wear anything too fancy. Make-up will, of course, is not the make-up of the party. Wear jewelery and of course the kind of elegant. Men must wear formal shirts and trousers. You can wear a tie or suit. If sales or marketing job as an emergency suit and tie; Engineering is not so. Note upstairs Anyway, it should suit you. No one looks very similar attire, no awkward. Put the pieces of the taste impression. Do not wear any clothing, which you wear. Because of the manifold may create discomfort.

02. Prastutih

I said at the outset, a test interview. Therefore, in the course of his pre-preparation. Key questions you may have before they try to guess. Consult with experts to create a Questionnaire and the answers to grasp. I never did this work himself, but one of my close friends and my wife saw it, there was a lack of confidence at home and practice more, and tests of their performance was great. So in the case, or test; Of course you need a mental and physical preparation.

03. Q start

Can you please describe yourself in brief? – Most of the interview is to start with this question. It presents itself in 5-6 sentences describing briefly myself to practice. To achieve your university, job, prior experience, and there is no special achievement, especially because of your interest in this job, your biggest quality – in some of the key information about your use of 5-6 sentences. That is to say, with a smile, and say, looking at the eyes of the question to say. From the first show of confidence.

04. Your byakagraundah

If you have that study, if the job is compatible with, and will certainly be some Theoretical question. If you are fresh graduates, the internship or research (which has to do with last year), and keep some of the study. May discuss your thesis, so you should read it. If you are employed, you are doing the job and how it ties to the desired job in – be sure you have plenty of questions. If it is a completely different kind of job you want. If you present some examples of the multi-faceted talent. You can learn anything quickly, to try to prove it.

05. Your agrahah

The question that must be made, that is why you are eligible yourself for this job? In your experience, qualifications and interest in this job and you have no way related to any other candidate will do well here, it’s made from the analysis of the answers. If necessary, write down answers on paper, at the heart of the practice. In this job you have to know how much interest you can ask a question for the employees, this organization / this type of job, you know what? You can learn more about the organization’s Web site before digging out of their products and businesses. Who are their partner, customer, etc. are known in detail.

If you’re a little smarter than you, then you can find out who is the firm one, who can give you ideas, what you need to do to get the job. At the interview, if you can prove, that the job of getting the job you already know a little bit, then you’re ahead of a lot more than the other competitors.

06. Your credential

10-0-minute interview, it is quite difficult to understand that the most qualified. So the question-asker question you want to grinding (if you like). At the very low end of the interview, you will realize that you do not want to waste the time they (the result is negative). I recommend that the strategy, which is centered on the question to the attention, the more your skills. Let’s say you want to question how much the sales professional, to verify it. But there is no experience of your sales or marketing. In that case, can you give an example of your oratory; For example, bandhumahale means everyone on any guru, or you won the debate, with the argument that you can overcome the opposition.

07. Can not do that

Do not rush into the room before venturing “May I come in” Say, do not sit until waited to greet and sit down. If you do not speak English while foreign one. When multiple questions politely tell you that you want to answer one by one all. Do not answer the questions in English in Bengal. EVENTS – The question was an interview, I asked each of 6 candidates, he did not know what MS Excel computer. Everyone answered yes. I knew that the question of a formula to know how much. He saw a man with confidence to experiment a little with my laptop up to him to estimate said. He was embarrassed. There was a minute thing. He had been trying for about 3 minutes. I understand, I understand. So, do not say a word to any of the qualifications, which in fact are not. I do not know the answer to that question, do not waste more time on it. The answer to that question, the nails, do not let your fingers or the pen; Culakabena not go, do not look at anyone in the eye small. Tell us smile, “Sorry” or “I’m afraid, Can not give you the right answer at this moment.” Maybe you haggle. This is the righteousness that all the time, you’re now paying jobs, should be a lot more of your desired salary. Because, if you do not pay according to your qualifications. You always want to prove that the employees deserve a lot more than you want to pay. His words should not be confused or convinced. (Before the interview, try to find out who worked in the office or around, they get the same pay.) Said during the interview of the question “OK, we will let you know”. I have not heard of this. Stood up and say, “OK, Thanks for calling me” or “Ok, I will keep waiting …” you can leave with peace or “Thanks. It was nice to be with you “in line with that.

Sometimes a few steps before the interview, and always remember that the next step is a little bigger than a step in the interview board. And the question is harder and harder. Case Study, Analysis, Presentation, Exercise will tempt you through. Cold-blooded of all his talent and patience to use the level crossing will be one after another. Never get a good job is not easy. It will be hard to achieve it, it will always remember.


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