Your child will reduce the extra fat


Your child will reduce the extra fatSo, what is the child’s health needs than the weight of all cayakintu though the parents are happy? No, simply because of the extra fat naara for your child may be overweight bipadajanakaara so the baby’s mother for the loss of parents to be aware of.

I think children need to reduce fat in the diet is not it? Naete diet for fat loss should be at the child’s growth on a diet to lose fat charaijene hayaara so choose something easy way to lose excess fat baby.

Avoid fast food

Dogs often eat fast food your child is going to take? Everyone in the family to spend time together like this wrenching kicchuksana glamorous shops full of the usual fast food. But ever wondered what? Therefore, increasing your medabhuri your child. But giving your child how to safely meyonejera bottle. Double cheeseburger in front of the child is ahead of or pletata.

Extra weight will reduce your child off to fast food. Whether the child insisted dharuka, stop eating his words on the canvas in the regular phastaphude leave. First you will be struggling to convince sonamanike. But when a few days to be able to manage with the situation. These high calorie foods to eat healthy food to eat to reduce your child’s extra weight can easily be reduced.

The opportunity to play

Not think of the children everywhere in this town of brick and polished gems luxury. But it does not have to think about your child’s health and satapamca. Give the child a chance to sport a little open place. Although it is not possible for every day of the week for at least two days in the field, let him have the opportunity to play. They secrete sweat while pretending to be sports. Medatao reduce the excess.

Feeding table

If your child to sit in front of the television or the computer, do not practice khaoyanora. It is likely to eat more than necessary. This problem can be avoided by playing at the dinner table. As a result of the positive changes in body composition.

Chocolate substitute fruit

Small children love to eat sweet foods. Not so affectionately and gave them chocolate. If you have extra weight in your child’s diet to reduce your child fresh fruit feeding of chocolate. The feeding habits of fruit juice and soft drinks instead. It is normal for your child’s weight quite quickly.

Do not be in a row

What is your child in the same place for hours at the computer playing games or watching cartoons looked at the television screen? Remember that if your child is a habit Excess body fat is a major cause of her. Seeing him sitting in a row for a long time, so let’s take a little walk around or inside the house, which is no easy task to give him a little time to be meant for walking. The extra fat in your child’s problem is gradually reduced.


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