Children with congenital heart disease and the remedy


Children with congenital heart disease and the remedyHope to bring a healthy child, a happy dipasikha birth defects, just as children are growing up with his family in the sea of despair, he becomes a burden for the nation. Such congenital heart disease is a disease which starts in the womb. Studies have shown that children living in 8 of every 1,000 children born with congenital heart disease. 8 people and 3 people in the 1000 first 6 months after the birth of a range of symptoms including symptoms of the disease manifest. Later on in life, it can not get any rest time. The 5 to 30 thousand children per year are born with congenital heart disease. Today, we will discuss with congenital heart disease.

What is congenital heart disease – when the baby is born and developed in the heart of the prakkalei any type of error, and the child is born in the heart, congenital heart disease, he said. Leak or hole in the heart of each child to have a lot of words that are used.

Because –

There is no specific cause of children with congenital heart disease is unknown. However, during the time of pregnancy and child parikalpanakalina medicine, chemicals, radiation, diabetes and hypertension mom, disease, etc., etc., the child with the mother during pregnancy rubella infection is linked to heart disease. Also some genetic diseases – such as Down syndrome (Down Syndrome), Turner syndrome (Turner Syndrome) babies born with a heart attack can be.

Signs –

After the birth of the frequent thandakasi and shortness of breath, difficulty eating into the mother’s breast milk to smoothly and easily, hands and toes and lips bluish coloring, weight and physical growth insufficiency and so on.

Significantly, the mother of the child –

1. Soon after the birth of a child is breathing.

II. Dusk or bluish lips or skin coloring his mighty seen whether

3. Heart Beat unusually higher or lower if the child is or is not measured out in an unusual way.

4. After the baby is born if the mother’s milk is very hard to get.

5. Tired a little milk left again after some time whether the milk.

6. Drink milk while the baby is unusually ghamache or shortness of breath.

7. Increasing the weight of the child is not like all the other kids.

8. After the birth of the child is repeatedly filled with cold, cough and he is due to be admitted to the hospital several times, or having to go to the doctor.

9. The child was crying at the same time unusually black breathing trouble. During the game a little bit bigger children ran after the black, breathing trouble, and laid him on his stomach or kneeling, when the big kids come to their relief. Big kids sometimes chest pain, palpitations, and fainting, etc. can be.

Any of the above symptoms, then the child will quickly take you to the doctor.

Diagnosis –

Most of the time you can not correct diagnosis and treatment of heart disease is like.

If a test is only for detecting the disease if it ikokaradiographi the color Doppler (Color Doppler Echocardiography). Virtually all hospital heart centers now, is to test ikokaradiographi Diagnostic Center. Also a chest X-ray, ECG, hall monitoring, Cath study, cardiac CT scan, MRI, etc.

Medical –

Through the drugs.
Operation without intervention or through blood vessels.
Surgery or operation.
Some of the names and treatment of congenital heart disease –

ASD eesadi

This defect is called etriyala septala. An abnormal opening between the two upper chambers of the heart called the ASD.

ASD itself off as a child can be in 25 years.

ASD is large or if the operation does not stop by itself, or catheters closure device (operation without intervention or through blood vessels) can be.

A lot of time or old age, and this was diagnosed.

Bhiesadi VSD-
This defect is called bhentrikulara septala. An abnormal opening between the two lower chambers of the heart to bhiesadi name.

There are different types of bhiesadi, if it is not too complex in nature itself can be closed in two years.

Bhiesadi the operation of the devices or catheters Closer (operation without intervention or through blood vessels) are closed.

ASD-like disease or old age, and caught a lot of time.

Tapha (tetralaji of Felton) – TOF-
It is a congenital disease is quite complex. Heart disease is the combination of the domestic four errors. Two weeks after the birth of the child was having difficulty breathing and crying during the meal or the child becomes blue. These are the symptoms gradually increases and the reduction in the child’s physical growth. Sometimes, he suddenly turns blue, but at this moment without invading pose to relieve the patient’s comfort.

Aparesanai the treatment of this disease. Most children early in life may lose the cast operation.


Patent ductus artariosasa full name. With lung dhamanira mahadhamanira (eorata) PDA connectivity unusual. Usually the child was born before becoming full citizens of this disease is higher. Experienced doctors can diagnose the patient exam.

It catheters ranging in size by the closure device (operation without intervention or through blood vessels)

If the surgery is great.

Congenital heart disease prevention ACTIVITY –

Women rubella vaccine.
Appropriate care during pregnancy and folic acid deficiency.
During pregnancy, chemicals and radioactivity to be discreet.
Before pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension, khicuni the doctor’s advice to mothers infected.
Sustha’s pretty normal life seemed to us. Issues timely diagnosis and proper treatment can make you beautiful and its paths to pitch. Thanks.

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