Jody’s desire to eat


Jody's desire to eat A complaint often heard these days in the face of the mother of his child does not want to eat or to fight for a long time to treat. What to do? China were hungry to eat the baby? Or the mother brings the child to understand cahidata is wrong somewhere? What can be done? Let us know nii

How can the mother of his child, his belly filled Really?

When you taste it’s just like a new-born child falls asleep breastfeeding. I did not even wake up. From the age of six months after the birth of the baby in the mother’s milk is the only food. There is even no need to water. Many of milk to just do not know. That means that the child is having difficulty eating, she does not seem to draw much time the mother can not understand it. However, the experienced doctor or somebody can help. Usually the child’s feeding time and a four finger down on the left breast feeding. But this is not easy to learn the rules of the child to eat a lot of problems. This again is not just the mother’s breast milk. The more milk the baby will pull more. When the baby is born, the mother’s breast milk exist. It is a natural hormone sikriyesana. So you need to try again. If the nipple is not properly caress the body due to structural suckle the baby is in difficulty. Many people are sitting on the inner side of caress. The child was conceived during the time of breast care, it should be. However, first make sure that the mother is no shortage of nutrients that you need to.

Even if the mother is eating less?

Whatever the mind of the mother. Baby eating less, that the mother can be. Folks always plays the mother of a little more or a little bit more when health is all right. Whether the child really filled stomach or just to increase the easiest way to understand is whether the child at night to pass urine seen whether the six. Whether there is more than enough damage. Moreover, it is not for a specific time, the child will grow up as long as when they have to feed. Keep in mind here is not to indulge in the mother, the child’s Happy shall prevail.

Growth or whether growth is exactly like the mother of the child, how about you?

Increases in proportion to the age of the child, if the child’s weight can be understood. Growth can be understood in many ways. Talk to him, his reaction can be understood by a variety of voices. She will look at your voice, respond. Can you understand a bit away from him when you find him to cry, or laugh at his game alone (in the case of the young child). One of the drugs used in the development of understanding human breast milk. The more he or she will be able to suckle the child that the mother will give the more brain growth. His body will develop resistance to the strange disease. Will increase to normal very quickly. Confirm that you have created a law of nature that the mother’s milk for the child, it’s beneficial for all sides.

If the baby is a little older they learn to speak, walk or eat the pretext of what it should be?

One year after the child’s age, he will have to practice self-feeding. The child to eat by himself, and he is the most happy and enjoy. He has nothing to lose and went to eat some food, and let the hand-face-body rub, back and forth, turn to ashes, Do not resist at all. But maybe he will find joy in the midst of eating. Thus he will eat his body needed food stands. 5-6 months of age may be given other foods slowly. All of these foods are in the process to set up. That is a little thicker than the mother’s milk of all kinds of foods, boiled vegetables catakano with a little salt, semolina, etc. thin. If you need a little more accustomed to it as the vegetable, pulses, rice catakano. The home-made fruit juices, ripe bananas can be softer. He wants to eat or Chuck, for developing the habit of eating all the food in front of him, and in general to be used for food. He is sitting at the table with the adults while eating should be allowed. Thus, he will be accustomed to.

When the child wants to eat all the rules, or when weight is decreasing day by day, what should we do?

When the doctor must be immediately sought refuge. Whether the child has a disease, exhaustion is working, doctors say. There may be many reasons does not want to eat. No reason to be reluctant to feed the baby if there is no exhaustion. This action would be in accordance with the doctor’s advice.


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