At the age of baby food


At the age of baby foodChildren necessarily beautiful. The name of the band means the care of the newborn. There is no substitute for mother’s milk after the birth of the child. Good food in the mother’s milk. Does not need to schedule a time for feeding. If hunger is felt that the child’s mother. When the child is fed. But the child gets older, the mother’s milk as well as the other dishes are required. Baby for a full 6 months after the baby should be given complementary foods. Today it’s the food that is given to children at different ages to learn.

6-7 month old baby diet

At the age of about 6 kg of weight of the child and his need for kilokyalorira 700. This time, complementary foods should start. If the children can understand the taste of food than of late and not want to eat.

Catake milk or milk with banana flour cooked with baby’s first foods to start. Rice powder, flour, milk, etc. boiled thin to be fed. Seasonal fruits such as ripe bananas, ripe papaya, sweet fruit, the child can be given.

7-9 month old baby diet

Children at this age are somewhat mature and are able to take fruits and cereals. At the time, we need to increase the demand for food kyalorira. Food and water to reduce the amount of food can be a bit crass. At the time, the child tries to eat with your hands. Increases the attraction of color, and attract leads to food. Pacya simple dishes at the potato, seasonal vegetables, boiled, catakiye to be fed. For example, cauliflower, bean, papaya, such as the vegetables are soft, the baby’s digestion is accomplished. Baby food is to add a little oil. As a result, the fat is easily absorbed vitamin products.

912 month-old baby diet

Around this time, the food can be grown. Children can eat more frequent meals than ever before. Soft hodgepodge, boiled eggs, peas, rice, milk, bread, yogurt, latex, the baby should be fed foods like pudding. They are nutritional supplements. Soup, Soup of the meat, for children 4-5 times can be made.

12 years of the child’s diet

Like adults, children can be given normal food in the house. It is soft and low, add seasoning food deyayai. Kilakyalori per kg body weight of 100 for thin foods which need not be from the solids. A small amount of oil and sugar needed for children in this age group. Once this time 50-75 grams of food a day for 3 consecutive hours to be about 5-6 times. Baby kyalori needs are: 1 Chart

Age (months) caloric needs
0-3 120
3-6 115
6-9 110
912 105
Average 112


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