Dayabetisah maternal care during pregnancy


Dayabetisah maternal care during pregnancyDiabetes in pregnancy! I can not understand why so many pregnant women, is how. The history of their jnatarthei call. This problem is very common, maybe not, but that is why it will be very painful. Although not himself, relatives, girlfriends, many people will see the people suffering from these complications. Diabetes in pregnancy may also be wondering now what? We all know that diabetes is just.
Never had diabetes before, but not during pregnancy and after delivery, blood sugar back to normal is the first increase in this state GESTATIONAL DIABETES (diabetes during pregnancy). RBS’s results more than the normal level (usually greater than 7) and only once, if not, at least 3 times higher than the FBS (before the meal), 2hr ABF, AL, 2hr BD test, be sure to follow. These tests are not just for pregnancy, that diabetes is the same as always.
Many times the amount of sugar in the blood due to the stress of the human body can be increased. It is latent diabetes. Womb, operation, infection can cause stress.
Mom i can read all this trouble? There is also some risk factor, like other pregnancy problems. Everyone should have routine check-ups during pregnancy and the risk factor in this is to be done in the course of regular screening.
Factor is the –
1. If there is a family history of diabetes, diabetes in someone else’s house
II. If 4 or more of the child’s weight
3. Before any child is going to die for no reason unknown
4. When the amount of water into the bowels
5. If fungal infection of the vagina repeatedly
6. Urea longtime glaikosa
7. Obesity
8. If the age of thirty or more
9. Depending on the space is more than some people, such as Asia, Africa
Upadesah for diabetic mother
1. That is the right time to put on hold in early pregnancy diet to keep control. Keep in mind, if not in compliance with the harmful impact on the health of your child.
II. Diabetes is the heavier children of another child. Extra glucose in the mother’s womb is in trouble. But separated from the mother immediately after birth, the supply is turned off. His body, which was by now accustomed to. This is to avoid sudden changes in the baby haipoglaisemika the mother’s milk after birth.
3. Diet low in carbohydrates and vegetables will have more food. Eat the amount of water. Mothers with diabetes to obesity, but it is normal to take a walk and do the rest. Do not do heavy work. Must adhere to three months after delivery (whether normal or Caesar). What can lead to complications during pregnancy and child?
Mom Problems
Pregnancy –
1. Blood pressure may rise
II. Increase the amount of water that can get into the womb
3. The clock could go lebare
4. Baby could be lost
5. The infection can cause urine
6. If you do not control kitoesidosisa, kidney and eye problems can be
Maternal –
1. Delivery could be delayed
II. Although the shoulder to the head may be stuck
Postpartum –
1. Postpartum bleeding
II. Infection can be
3. Milk may be delayed
Child Problems
1. The head of
II. As of last error – Anencephaly, Microcephaly, neural Tube defect, ASD, VSD etc can be.
Treatment with snacks like without control. If you do not like the doctor’s advice must be insulin. The intake of medicines for diabetes can cause problems with the pregnancy. They can not eat. If you control the way the mother can lebare. Caesar will not have control of their doctor or the patient can not speak for the normal delivery may take measures to bring the lebare. After 38 weeks of use, especially to those who are insulin-induced complications if diabetes. Every patient is different. The doctor will take action according to the situation of the patient.
After delivery, regular follow-up will be. Mothers who give emotional support. Whether in the near or distant future should be the mother’s diabetes. A beautiful child does not wish us all a healthy, robust baby wish.


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