The child does not eat anything? Stop feeding the difference.


The child does not eat anything Stop feeding the difference.As a mother, you can be disappointed when no one healthy meal made with love and care you and your baby does away with the food and say “I do not like the food. I do not eat”

Sometimes I’ve been getting a lot to your children about the food, the quality, the gold, but for the sake of a child, it is not enough. However, if you want to eat it, you can find an excuse. Do you have something to share with her.

Keep the holiday values. Go to a mall with your child and give him the upper hand in the vegetable market to buy what he wants? He wants to buy or eat any vegetables or fruit would ask him, introduce him to the meals of the day and gunaguna said. Allowing the food to cook at home the day your baby.

If your child is a little older, but as part of the education of food color, texture, shape and where food is grown in the idea of it. If the baby is a bit more of a chance of them so that they learn a new recipe and cook with a tad. Remember, do not forget to praise her for a meal at khabarere him.

Small children, who are 6 months -1 year old, but it’s a little different for the same type of food khaoanora. Feed your child in front of a colorful day. At this time the color of the children to feel attraction. Put the child down in front of the color of the food. However, do not force him. I do not see a child’s face dibei exists.

Children imitate the favorite. If you need to treat yourself to eat them. Children will imitate you.

The food is delicious, a little sweet snacks like children. Baby food to taste before you see it. Do not forget to hear the funny stories, but the food.

Children who do not have the same food all the time, it moves to the child’s diet boredom. However, for a young child feeding a meal for 3 days.

Many children do not eat anything after all, who told them they would not want to eat a lot of stomach worms, vomit. So the doctor. Moreover, all the baby food nutrition times a day for her performance as well as amusing, as required by a growing child.

Machah Many kids do not want to eat fish, but fish cutlet and let the child eat the right choice. Where is the problem? Like the look of the day with a meal of your choice. Fish cutlet, noodles with shrimp, etc.

Dimah bacca do not eat eggs. OK, am the day of the flour with the eggs. Do not worry baby. Khicurira mix with. Big kids who can make a sandwich, or chop the eggs. Serve food in different ways.

The biggest problem with sabajih vegetables. In fact, there is no taste of this thing actually 1pm. Why eat the baby? With noodles day, as the pakora, vegetable roll can make. Indeed, like a 1 pm meal. The cheeses are made with gold, borax.

Children do not eat rice? Feeding bread, fried rice Health in the day. Burgers made his home in the day. Eggs, bread, vegetables, cheese, meat, made with all of the day, children will like to think you will fall again.

Many of the meals to feed the baby. Mother, now good to go to a cook for my little baby.


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