This winter lip care


This winter lip careCold, dry weather adversely affects the human body. The skin is very sensitive lips. Lip winter is to take extra care. Otherwise, burst lip.

So dry lips retain moisture, reduce petroleum jelly, glycerin, can mayescaraijara cyapastika or oily. However, expired cosmetics and lip will hurt the poor.

When lips are dry and dead skin rub petroleum jelly on your lips before going to sleep at night. The soft-tissue soaked in warm water, rub the lips and remove dead skin. The rice powder mixed with water can be released from rubbing it on your lips. But by no means does not cut lip talks.

The girls do not want to sit in the dry lot of lipstick on the lips properly. Using lipstick lotion tissue removed before they can use.

If the lips are dry in the sun darkens. So on a cold day, the sun and the sport they can put sunscreen on the lips. Wash your lips before going to bed in the morning was set Glycerin. Dry and dark color of the lip can.


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