Hair fall and dandruff will resolve-seasoned curry leaves!


Hair fall and dandruff will resolve-seasoned curry leaves!The hair is going to fall? Suffering from dandruff? White hair? Is bald? With rough hair ruined? So of course you are suffering from a problem with not a hair. You will solve all the problems in the curry leaves.

Find out how.

1. Stay with curry leaves in coconut oil tanika Hare Hatch black grout will create the moment. Masaja this mixture to the hair roots well. Wash with mild shampoo in one hour. Apply this mixture twice a week on. Hair grow faster. This therapy can prevent childhood.

II. Take a few curry leaves and paste hair maska. This paste it on the palm of 0 to 5 minutes. Wash with mild shampoo. Curry leaves and planted hair mask will one day a week, will smuda, dense to see it.

3. Curry leaves Curry takes strange to hear the tea leaves in the tea helps to keep hair. Curry leaves of lemon juice and a little sugar to the boil. Drawn one week to see the tea taste. This tea enhances the ability to digest. This keeps the hair healthy, get rid of hair is gray.

Curry leaves works:

Curry leaves contain protein and beta-carotene which helps to prevent hair fall. Ayantiaksidyanta have plenty of palm maintains moisture, protects from dandruff.


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