Winter skin care should


Winter skin care shouldWith the coming of the day with small temperature decreases. The air is dry, your skin glow with slowing.

It is time to bid farewell to the hot sitake invitation. So now if we do not take care of the skin, itchy skin in the winter you have to spend. Let’s take that winter skin protection duties:

1. Leave the soap: perfume, soap may keep you fresh for the day. But your skin and gives it life. Free dihaidreta rough start to the skin to stop using soap. Use this time to dry Body Cream-Wash.

II. Take out lotion cream: the air is dry, the skin needs plenty of moisture. Cream creates an oily coating. This lotion is recommended to use the cream up.

3. Lip-saving: a problem in the winter chapped lips. Use the burst to save them from the cold lips of non-oil gel.

4. Do Push a hand in the cream: the winter damage to the skin. Take care not to look at the body of the people. Now let’s focus on the hand. Hand cream hand skin soft and protects it from coarseness.

5. Drink plenty of water: not just to prevent the acrimony from outside. In order to keep yourself fresh and clean from the inside to drink plenty of water. Normally, the benefits of drinking more water there is no alternative? This winter, as well as the skin, the body will work for recovery.

6. Eat vegetables and fruits each season, and what is needed in the body of the key elements of the deficit, which comes as seasonal fruits and vegetables. The combination of winter vegetables. Vegetables do not like to do kumcakobena nose. Your health and your skin will be fresh vegetables rather bhitaminai. The result is imperative. There is no alternative to the emergency supply of vitamins and minerals.


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