Domestic way to prevent itchy feet


Domestic way to prevent itchy feetColor has lunch. As a decisive step in KwaZulu orange sun light winter tanaera phatache many. Saju is not as beautiful as before, for the beauty of the earth is itchy feet. How Long Will this problem? Some domestic way out.

The scrubbing
1) feet of dead cells piumika every stone to rub legs.

Ii) bhesalina mixed with lemon juice, you can rub your feet.
3) Take warm water mixed with honey. After 10 minutes in the water bath to keep her leg.
Family Pack
1) ripe banana can put at catake itchy feet. After a while, wash your feet with warm water. It contains plenty of vitamins, which will help reduce itchy feet.
Ii) remove the dry glycerin, lemon juice and rose water and put in place to itchy feet.
1) coconut oil is the best to reduce the itchy feet.
B) You can use olive oil or mustard oil.
Night care
1) night, wash your feet with warm water before going to sleep.
B) If possible, the night after stocking ghumabenasutra-Ananda


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