Suddenly, ear pain?


Suddenly, ear painAre taking preparation for holding the bed at night and suddenly there is no ear pain kaoya started. Ear pain can be due to various reasons. However, in most cases, ear pain is inaphlyamesanera. Imaprapara the cold can be caused or drainage of fluids, but in many cases the pain can be a pain in the ear may be dirty jameo. Yaihokaeisamaya What do you do? There are no drugs in the house, I think the key is to reduce the pain. Do not worry that no one in the house of the wise is enough.

Rasuna ayantibyakateriyala times in garlic. This helps to reduce bacterial infection. Eti inaphlyametari also acts as an agent that removes dirt and ears frozen. This makes dreneje of the fluids to function properly, and decreased pain. Rasunake if you can use the cold as an antidote.

How to use:

Can be used in two ways –

1) Take the garlic paste in a KwaZulu fine. Then put the small ball in the form of clear tulote the garlic paste to tairui. And these are the cotton balls in the ears, ear pain, gently put it. Do not forcibly trying to insert more deeply. Take 15 minutes out of the way. Aneketai see the pain has decreased.

B) You can use garlic oil. For many decades for reducing pain in garlic oil has been used. Let’s take a look at how to make the garlic oil. Take a little mustard oil or coconut oil in a clean bowl. In the meantime, with KwaZulu telata Boil the garlic 6pm. The dark color of the oil is removed from the fire it. The oil in the cold. Take the two drops of the ear. Repeat after 15 minutes deceivingly pain.

Ginger helps reduce pain like adao garlic.

How to use – Put it on a piece of ginger or sesame oil, a little bruised ear and a few pieces of ginger to boil, you can put it in the cold.

Olive Oil: Olive oil is very useful for ear pain. It has been used once, after the pain has not been heard.

How to use – can be applied to cotton to sew the ear or ear mite draparera with the help of 3 days.

Onion: onion juice helps to reduce the pain of ear very quickly.

How to use – Take out the juice from the onions. Pain in the three drops of juice to keep it. Repeat this procedure at least three times a day.

But remember, they were offered various remedies in domestic only. So as soon as possible for a doctor (ENT) for advice.


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