Five ways to skin care


Five ways to skin careWith the coming of the day with small temperature decreases. The air is dry, your skin glow with slowing. It is time to bid farewell to the warm invitation sitake. So now if we do not take care of the skin, skin phutiphata to spend the winter. Skinakeyara these tips will make your skin this winter is unusual.

1. Soap away hatanah

Aromatic soap may keep you fresh for the day. But your skin and gives it life. Free dihaidreta rough start to the skin to stop using soap. Use this time to dry Body Cream-Wash.

II. Please use oil based skraba

Harsh summer sunlight and chlorine and dry your skin becomes rough. So based on this oil is very effective to remove skraba coarseness.

3. Take out lotion krimah

The air is dry, the skin needs plenty of moisture. Karephale an oily lotion to cover up the cream is recommended to use the cream.

4. Lips bamcanah

A big problem in the winter chapped lips. Use the burst to save them from the cold lips of non-oil gel.

5. Do Push the ninah a hand cream

If the skin is too cold. Take care not to look at the whole body of the people. Now let’s focus on the hand. Hand cream hand skin soft and protects it from coarseness.


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