Avoid this fashion misatekagulo


Avoid this fashion misatekaguloSeveral fashion blandara we do every day without realizing it. He remained on the list today, if they’re going to skip.

Contort clothes you might wear the trendy clothing. But if it is to contort the ground. Before it came out of the house to see the dress in your wardrobe.

Additional make-up make-up as much as many people think, the more beautiful lagabe. But this idea is very wrong. During the day, make halka apai good. However, you can make up a little more for the night. Using that focus on color. Pick the color of skin tones. And one of the colors of the face or neck, and the colors are not so different.

Additional jewelry: There is no additional need as much make-up you do not need gayanarao. There are some things that simply would not be wise to wear together. Choose any statement of jewelry, such as a necklace or a pendant ears. Will be enough. Wear jewelry for any occasion, it is important to keep in mind.

Anatelarada pants: Pants Buy according to your figure. Avoid short pants as much as they can who are obese. And do not buy bigger pants size. Or the length pants are not large. Many take up to buy long pants hanging. To remove this practice as soon as you can.

Old and worn-out shoes, your clothes, your shoes, as extremely important. Many of the old worn-out shoes or shoes to the end. Keep all the time to buy a pair of shoes so expensive.

They are not all the same color: Many people think the same color clothing, shoes and bag the same color if you look great. The idea is simply wrong. Pick the two or three colors that complement each other. Nyuda colored shoes or bags can take, that is good with any color or clothing.

Do not wear very well ribhilim: If you’re not accustomed to wear a low-cut blouse or a mini-skirt is not the best. You can wear a low-cut top or a crop top with jeans or long skirt.

Nail care Hand and toe nails clean and cut the right way. Adhakhaoya nails or nail polish are not so far.

Il fitting lamjari: Fashion biggest blandara. In the right size to wear all the time. Small or large size lingerie takes the ugly. Buy the right size lingerie is so expensive.

Perfumes obharadoja: Avoid violent perfume. On the one hand, as you all remember the smell of the perfume, no one gets away. And note that after the planting of fragrant yellow stains on clothes that do not stick.


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