Paris became the festival mrtyupurite


Paris became the festival mrtyupuriteBataklam Parisian nightclub, done on Friday as they were ten. Located near the Place de la Republic at the weekend before the concert, the famous hard rock band Eagles of Death Metal concerts in California to hear a lot of people have been submitted. But in Paris the night of the festival is to become a battlefield. One night in Paris fearsome gun and bomb attack in the news so far only 87 people have been killed this naitaklabei. Witnesses described the terrorist atrocities that have emerged in the attack.
  Europe One radio journalist who witnessed the attack, the survivors of the nightclub bataklam Julien Pearce highlighted the horrible images. He said two or three people mukhosabihina like the Kalashnikov automatic weapons started firing blindly into the crowd. It lasted 10 to 15 minutes. It was extremely dangerous and playing in the waves of panic across halaruma. He tried to go on stage, each different from the run. Everyone was running out of breath and I fell down at their feet. The gunmen shot at least three times with rifle. There was no mask. What are they doing, and they knew it. They were very young.
 Pearce said the gunmen during the attack, did not say a word. However, other witnesses said the attackers at the time, it’s Syria, “he cried. At one stage, three suicide bombers detonated bombs. Within moments of the halaruma into hell. Mejhejure blood and corpses.
 Friday in the French capital Paris and its surrounding at least 120 people have been killed in terrorist attacks in six locations. In which 80 people were injured and 00 people are in critical condition. After the attack on France’s President Francois Hollande declared a state of emergency. All the country’s borders were closed. The Guardian.


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