Winter is coming to your wardrobe


Winter is coming to your wardrobeDikapalara world fashion house with 016 head of wasting Winter Collection. Mixed models matches the ramp-shaking, party and casual wear winter clothes, saying-see what has been added to the Winter trend.
However, the fall in the winter less, so there is no shortage sitaposakera Smashing. Gets less useful without being made at the time of the cold of winter clothing. Western fashion influences are always here. Retro styled fashion trend for women in western focus. Fifty and eighty decade, jackets, suits, tapasera phemenina been mardanaija style. Most of the details of the metallic skirt or tapasera slika. Punk Rock and inspiration. Abstract ayaparoce motif, pattern lines, stripes munasiyana attracted the attention of the presentation. Kamaphi the house in the style of pajamas. It’s very creative and innovative options. With motifs of flowers of different colors sludi tapasera colored slacks and a neck (Muffler national). Karadigana tall with size. Karadigana large size, coat wearing the eye. Niteda and comfortable fit over the saijada teilarim jamparera as well as fitting out. Leather jacket, as usual glamor that enhances the winter. Meanwhile, in overseas markets, Calvin Klein, Michael Corrs, Aden, Gucci’s, St. larenasaha many famous brand in their satin, lacy party with the collection. Accessories as a scarf, hat and dark colors, like last year. Trend-conscious women kamaphorada cope with his own personality that can not fit something out of his own self-confidence and labanye can touch the moon.
The local winter trend can be seen in a variety of fabrics, the designers said. Patterns in the ‘outer Winters another dress to wear the clothing of another, such as coats, jackets, blazers, soyatara, waist, etc. sraga or already on the market has started to come. West is designed in accordance with these trends, the weather in the garment. Phlisa such as wool or not, but rather a mix of cotton and acrylic sweater made Cat’s Eye, Quddus said Sadik, director of the design. “Raundaneka for girls, are turtleneck sweater. And a few days later, they found the sraga panaco, “he said.
Taylor’s influence fashion skini Winter Games. Slim-cut suit and trying to get back to the vintage era. Blue, gray, green, white, black and Camel colors and all maskulina kyataoryaka dominate the Winter Games. Traditional checks, stripes, as well as Tweed, Knitwear, Sportswear, warm jumper will make the sitake.
The model has been karacara Sravasti, Mithila and Asif. Cat’s Eye clothing. Photo Saeed Siddiqui


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