Children pre-school admissions


Children pre-school admissionsWhen children come to the school at the time of anxiety and fear of the parents continues to grow. Before sending children to school for the first time need some preparation beforehand. So, let us know, what you should prepare before the child’s first school.
Take something to read before teaching
The baby is the first school to teach the alphabet and numbers in place already. If you already have some idea of the problem should not be the first to go to school. The interest of the child is in school.
Beautiful goods purchased in
Before the children go to school on the first day of the market. According to his choice of school bag, lunch box, water bottle, pencil, eraser, pencil boxes, etc. purchased by the day. The first day of school for the children to be interested in and would reduce some of the fear of going to school.
Before Practice
The first school for at least one week before the baby starts to create some practice. Children growing up in the morning to practice it. Before packing the bags, make friends, talk to the teacher to teach kayadagulo ages.
Baby Talk
Explain to the child that you already have, there is nothing to be afraid to go to school, but it’s a good job. Whether children go to school in fear before you know it. The reasons behind fear, afraid to ask him and let the solution. If you can cut a lot of fear in the mind of the child.
Talk Awards
Give a child a reward for good work. Reward children became enthusiastic in the matter. Explain to your child that she would not cry in the first week of school in mind, he will present his choice. If your child will be in school with interest and then one week later, just scare her school would be cut.
Meet the teacher
After school, if possible, before they become familiar with the various ticarera. He told of how your child is doing or tell the teacher. If it is possible to introduce the children to the teacher. Do not be afraid to go to school on the first day of the child.
Turn to school
The end of the preparation. Now turn to the school. Baby bags packed day. The tiffin box with his favorite food. Now in her beautiful new robe, remove a picture. With a kiss on the forehead with the school to send the class. Abhay and told him that you’re in school full-time.
Many children are afraid to go to school during the day to cry. So, before getting to hear from you if you can avoid this problem. So the child is already in school to prepare for this emergency.


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