Use ice to protect the skin


Use ice to protect the skinWe have always weak in cosmetic. But much of that can be found in our house, which we can use to get a good result. Look to Esprit salon, facial, cleansing it all a bit much for Snow ‘Kafi’ might be. You can use any of the four seasons, the ice method. Whether summer or winter, the snow is quite beneficial skin care. Take a look at us, some of us use Rupacarcaya ice.
1. Phumtiye the brightness of the faces is enough to make you without any makeup ice cold. Wrapped in a cloth and gently clean the skin before going to an event ghasalei brightness will come out.
II. It also increases the blood circulation of the internal ice. The flow of blood to your face and skin around the eyes kalodaga satejaanakanksita ages impression and quite useful to remove the ice.
3. Ice blessing for owners of oily appearance. Several major role in reducing the use of ice to the skin tightens. Utpannata reduces skin oil.
4. After a rough idea of the skin to remove makeup, rub an ice cube face wash. Rough idea will disappear.
5. Chomyabena ice directly on your skin absolutely not. Then rub an ice cube wrapped in a clean cloth. Go get glowing skin and bright.
6. Those who suffer from acne problems, they are very easy to use ice to reduce the incidence of acne. Wrapped in a clear plastic bag 3 of the ice cube bag and hold about 10 minutes of acne. The reddish coloring of acne will go away. Acne will become smaller. Live from day to day use, the incidence of acne.
7. Many of us sleep less or more than the bottom of the swollen eye. This view looks quite awkward. This will eliminate the problem of ice. Thin piece of clear ice wrapped in a cloth and hold in place Yeh swelling under the eyes. Kamabeapanara think that fatigue, swelling of the night. If you think too much swelling in green tea without sugar and hold it under the eyes of the ice. To get better results.
8. Cucumbers and strawberries are much more effective for skin brightness. This rapid increase in brightness to the skin of the two elements will take the ice. Cucumbers or strawberries in a blender and blend very well choose. Take it Deep snow in the refrigerator. Rub the ice in 1 day a week. Skrabarera baraphati like a lot of work. This will increase the brightness of the skin.
9. He is out for the job we came out. It is better not to use a lot of sunscreen and sun burns the skin spots. The sun burns like a blur to remove the element of ice. 3 pieces of clear ice on a thin piece of cloth wrapped burned smudge. The burned spots will vanish quickly.
10. When makeup is a problem faced by many people, it’s sitting in the makeup of the face. Many people do not see the makeup on the face of the well. Is superficial. The makeup of the mouth becomes even more awkward. This will solve the problem of ice. Before the start of the pieces of ice smudge makeup. The makeup is better to sit in the makeup of the skin.
An element of the effective protection of the skin in the snow. Regular use of ice will have your skin healthy and resilient. There are no side effects. It’s a piece of ice to the skin every day. Slowly come back to the beauty of the skin.


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