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Caucasian baby boy crawling

Caucasian baby boy crawling

Very adequate nutrition for a newborn baby to grow up healthy. Until two years after the birth of a child to drink breast milk. But a very important time for the first six months of the child. At the time, the baby is the increment rapidly. In the first six months after the birth of children that are in need of nutrition, breast dudhei of all the components. So the baby is full expansion, growth and health since the birth of the child, exclusive breast-feeding for the first six months to be done. According to the World Health Organization and UNICEF are the pre-condition of exclusive breast phidinyera
* One hour after the birth of the baby will be breastfed for.
* According to the needs of her baby only breast milk for six months to be done; No other food or drink can not be given.
* Do not let the baby face of the feeder or cusani.
* The six-month baby can not drink the water.
Many do not understand the birth of the baby with the feeding of honey. The child’s voice or to be sweet! But it’s actually a misconception. After the birth of the child does not acquire samarthyai to digest honey. Occurs as a result of diarrhea, digestive disorders disentrisaha divers. Sometimes this is because my life is from digestive disorders. Many more are in the wrong, which is the first seven days after the birth of a child in the mother’s breast milk Sal (kolostrama) is secreted, it threw the baby to drink; But the child’s long-term losses. Within one hour of birth and suckled her breast milk shawl can not be thrown. The shawl has the necessary vitamins and minerals in milk, which enhances the baby’s immune system. Studies have shown that babies who are breastfed for a child; They grow up in different rogabalaiye (such as obesity, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) suffered less. Some feel good with the baby milk powder market are willfully; Which can not under any circumstances be a substitute for mother’s milk. The mother is still alive, and did not suffer any physical illness should be breastfed for the course. The safe and adequate nutrition to children, as well as the natural law, as it would help the mother. For example,
As long as the mother’s breast milk, eat the child is not likely to re-conception.
* The mother’s body weight increases during pregnancy, can reduce the extra weight of the baby breast milk purchase.
* The mother and baby are solid spiritual ties.
* Milk powder is not necessary to spend extra money to buy his mother.
Some parents believe that physical structures will lose breastfed for purchase. And after the birth of a child to drink milk per feeder. But the opposite happened; But breast feeding karalei body frame will be the same again.
Can anyone tell me; What if working mothers? Advice for working women; Pamparera breast milk out of the office before they can leave; Six-eight hours at room temperature until it is good. Using the feeder bowl and spoon can be fed through. And if you think this method feeder can be used to avoid trouble; But of course it must be thoroughly washed and cooked in boiling water for ten minutes. Otherwise there is the risk of the baby suffering from diarrhea.
In our country, the trend of the newborn baby is feeding flour, there is a need. Just enough breast milk from birth to six months. This time it’s the nutrients and energy it needs enough of Human breast milk. Just the idea of good intentions and nutrition needs of children. The proper way to get the baby breastfeeding so the baby is healthy, beautiful and bright future to make sure.


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