Coming winter skin care


Coming winter skin careLet’s go to the pages of the calendar are hot! Suyyi Mama’s going to show her might at the last moment. Your skin, which is very difficult to play the twelve came out betting. At the time, extra care to. To keep skin beautiful fresh and bright in ultraviolet light, the need to avoid excessive sunlight. If it does not hurt your skin. If the cap can be used as an umbrella or a tap. Those who think they do not taste, they can always use a good sunscreen lotion or cream. Now the question is, no sunscreen do you use? The first case to decide the color of your skin. The white color of the skin of the skin more vulnerable to sun. It started with a range of skin problems. Let us start from the skin, extra care now. The dry winter will reduce the skin smooth and healthy.
The skin mayascaraija
At the beginning of winter skin care to choose a good moisturizer. Now nut oil from the market or ebhakado rich moisturizer. It helps maintain normal moisture of the skin. Use as often until the skin appears dry.
Use sunscreen
Do not think that the coming winter has reduced the importance of the use of sunscreens. Carried out in the winter of 15-30 SPF sunscreen 30 minutes before use.
Maintain humidity
Sometimes I felt the water in the winter moisture in the skin. The skin will not dry easily.
Please refrain from using additional hot water
Bath time feel comfortable with the extra hot water face, experts advise to refrain from washing the head. The additional hot water, which was damaged facial skin phalikalaguloke helps keep the skin moist. Jojoba or almond oil with a few drops of water during bathing when the skin moist and smooth help.
The wet skin care
After bathing and washing after each face moisturizer or lotion to wet conditions. This will maintain the moisture of the skin.
Lip Care
Definitely not wetting your lips with his tongue. Olive oil mixed with a few drops of honey on the lips and planted her lips would never burst.
While makeup
Do not use makeup when likyuida Foundation. In winter, use cream foundation.
hair care
Definitely should not be out in the winter, wet hair. The moisture is lost hair and the hair is broken.
Wear a hat
Wear a hat to keep the moisture in the hair and the crown of the head. The hat is so tight that he should pay attention to.
Hand and foot care
Hands and feet, as often as necessary to retain moisture until the lotion or moisturizer.


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