Two simple solutions to treat oily skin, pimples


Two simple solutions to treat oily skin, pimplesOily skin, pimples is a skin problem for women is the most terrible. For oily skin, as it requires a little more care. A certain amount of oil in our skin, which is important for healthy skin, helps to maintain youthfulness and protects us from skin to dry. The advantage of oily skin, oil Wrinkles and facial color and protects it from any changes. But the disadvantages of not less oily skin. Oily skin is very easy to get dust and excessive oil lomakupaguloke mouth closed. This leads to the prevalence of the bacteria in the pimples. Not keeping the skin clean Pimples can occur in some cases. Pimples cure oily skin, pimples, it’s pretty hard work, however.

Let’s see how very easily from your oily skin, pimples or oily skin, pimples should be out of the restraint.

Oily skin, pimples cure Two Face pack

Lemon juice and madhuh
Oily skin care is the best domestic ingredients lime, lemon contains citric acid to control oily skin with oil to prevent skin bacteria on the skin and reduces the chance of pimples. Oily skin and prevents pimples sweet ayantibyakteriyala material evidence, the skin and the skin is just brilliant mayescaraijarera level.

How am
Fresh juice of a lemon, a tablespoon of honey in a bowl to blend in as much. You’ll see these two elements together will loom quite dark liquid. In this liquid on your skin and leave on for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, wash your skin with cold water.
This pack will aim to reduce pimples on your skin, and your skin will start to be pimples and spots of light getting brighter. Oily skin, pimples and prevent the pack to two times a week.

Pea and yogurt face pyakah
We are all sugar pea. It is a highly available, food ingredients in our kitchen. I do not need to introduce new and daike. So we treat oily skin, pimples and make this face pack you will not have to run too much. Pea protein and a great source of vitamins A and C, and vegetables are full of vitamins. Yogurt keeps the skin soft and namaniya absorb excess oil from the skin of the pea is the lightness of the skin. These two components together to cure pimples and oily skin works like this.

How am
Two tablespoons of yogurt in a bowl, spoon one tablespoon of pea and make the paste. In fact, the two drops of the paste is mixed with honey and a pinch of turmeric. I take it that this beautiful pack to your face and neck and wait until dry. 0 after 15 minutes to hand and put it in warm water and dry the skin pack loose choose from. Drain and remove the smudge of light from the face of the pack. The dead skin cells will absorb the excess oil from the skin to come up. Finally, remove the face with cold water.
Use this pack twice a week. After using it for a while under the control of pimples on your skin once in the 15 days after use.

Tips for oily skin
Drink 9-10 glasses -every day.
-Oil Avoid foods as much as you can.
Eat seasonal fruits dinner -every last a while.
Sabasamaya with the face wash with cold water coming from the outside.
Tailakta steam and hot water in the skin can sometimes be.

Your little awareness of the oily skin may appear to be a blessing not a curse for you. Take extra care to look a little oily skin makes you unique.


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