This winter is dry skin!



Many of us have a dry skin problem. Especially now, in the winter, this problem will grow at a rate much. However, due to the weather in the body can lead to dry skin. So if you suffer from the dryness of the skin to comply with some of the tips, you will easily get rid of dry skin!

1. Please use skin moisturizer

First, try to mayescaraija your skin from the outside. Mayescaraija parts of the cells on the skin that is wet enough to keep a watch. If the skin is constantly dry skin moisturizer will survive. The skin of the face and hands and feet every night before going to sleep, use moisturizer cream.

Many times, the problem is the drying of the skin. To get rid of this problem, to own a small tube of hand cream can. Whenever you will feel dry hands, then using hand cream to keep the skin moist and soft.

At least 3-4 times a day, every day is important to wash the face. The facial skin will be soft and will not be trapped in dust. You can use moisturizer after washing the face every time a certain extent.

Now the question may adapt to use any mayescaraijarati. This is actually difficult to name any moisturizer cream. However, you can adapt to your skin, you can use any moisturizer cream. If you need to take help from experts.

II. An adequate supply of nutrients to the body: the skin

Water is an essential thing for the human body. So every day, try to drink enough water. The toxins in the water in your body and skin cells that animates the padarthaguloke clean. 4/5 liter of water a day for people in need. In order to meet the requirements, you should watch.

Take plenty of food and vegetables every day. Fat meat or vegetables dishes out of your skin care will work. Green leafy foods that contain minerals that help maintain skin radiance. Also, the water of the fruits and vegetables you can eat. As well as healthy protein foods such as eggs, nuts, peas, etc. can eat. However, to avoid fast food and more savory snacks. If the smoking habit can also be avoided. Because smoking can be a major cause of dry skin.

3. Please ensure the protection of the skin

Sucibai many different reasons, including greater amounts of practice can have a shower and lavatory. Try to avoid this issue. Greater amounts of water, the level of protection on your skin can be washed. May increase due to the drying of the skin.

Try to cover the skin in the winter. Otherwise, the cold air will make your life easy tbukake. The skin in summer than winter heat of the sun, the dust from the Keep alive. If you do not sweat and dust can damage the skin, into the skin.

Do not wear tight clothes like very much. There is flexibility in the skin are destroyed. Use comfortable clothes for yourself. There will be additional pressure on the skin.

4. Domestic Treatment

If your skin is becoming dry in the winter, you can follow some of the things. First clean the skin well. Use petroleum jelly on the skin. This will protect the skin freshness and preserves your skin from the nip.

Many items at home, you can take care of the skin. Aloe, coconut oil, glycerin, they are quite effective in skin care. So on a cold day, try not to use it on a regular basis.

Causes expression of the beauty of your skin. As the skin is beautiful and alive, you will have more healthy and beautiful. Take care of the skin, to stay alive.